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Lorenzo POV: 

My entire body froze as I realized it was her silhouette opening the door. As she stepped foot into the light, my heart started racing even more than before. Her entire body was covered in mud but more importantly... blood.

That's what scared me, I didn't know who's blood it was that covered her. Rapid breathing caught my attention. Marcello was pale and struggling to take any breaths. Alessio forced him to look away and was attempting to calm him down.

I held my breath as Nicolas went at her with that knife, however she shocked me as she defended herself so easily. 

My blood ran cold as she sliced his head clean off. I glanced at my family members to see their reactions. Vince held a tight grip on the bars of the cell. Val was staring at the bloody gash along her torso.

Antonio was anxious and seemed somewhat proud at the same time. Donnie was a complete mess. Leo was struggling to watch the scene in front of us. And Marcello was still trying to calm down with Alessio's help. 

But at the end of the cell was Martino laying on the concrete unconscious. I rolled my eyes at his body. My focus went back to my little sister.

"Make those ten seconds", she said.

Then's when I noticed it, the gun wound on her leg. Blood was gushing down her leg onto the floor.

"Luciana", Vince screamed as he started to panic.

He struggled against the bar of the cell, wanting to protect her himself. She looked at him, he gave her a subtle head nod. I took a deep breath as I watched her slice Cora's leg basically in half.

My sister is a badass...

My anxiety started to rise as I watched her struggle to limp over to Alexander. I was proud of him when he forced her to sit down. I could tell he was in a lot of pain as he limped over to the door of the cell.

After it was unlocked and opened.  Valentino, Antonio, and Myself were the first ones to rush to her sides.

I panicked, not knowing how to help. Antonio was knew the most about medical after Val. I watched her eyes slowly begin to shut.

No no no...

I can't lose her.

"Keep your eyes open", I screamed at her.

Tears threatened to escape my eyes as I watched her eyes flutter shut.

"Luciana... Please", I yelled while holding her hand.

There wasn't much that Val and Antonio could do without any equipment.

Suddenly footsteps could be heard flooding the hallway.

"Prepare yourselves", Grandfather announced.

A single man entered the room with his hands in the air. His eyes focused on Luciana's unconscious body lying in the chair.

"Who the hell are you", Vince snapped at him while making strides towards him.

"I am a friend... more specifically she is my family", he pointed towards Luciana, "My name is Zane."

We all shared paranoid looks with each other.

"It's okay...", Alexander struggled to say," He's who he says he is..."

"How can we believe you", Donnie glared at him.

"Do you want to believe me or would you rather save her life", he stated.

Antonio scooped her body up in his arms, "start running now", he snapped.

Zane nodded and ran out of the room with Antonio on his heals.

Vince, Val, and Donnie ran after them. My head snapped to Alexander who was also lying on the ground unconscious. I knew his injuries weren't as critical as Luciana's were. I took the key from his hand and unlocked the door to the final cell.

Marcello and Leo took off running out of the room after Luciana. Alessio was sitting on the ground. I held out a hand to him and pulled him to his feet.

"Thanks", he muttered.

I nodded and moved his arm over my shoulder. He was still injured from the attack on the house. I helped him walk out of the room and in the direction that everyone else went. A van was waiting outside for us.

Marcello, Leo, and the driver were the only ones inside.

"Vince told us to wait on you two before we took off", Marcello muttered.

I nodded.

Once we were both inside, the van took off towards what I am hoping is their base.

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