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Luciana Pov

"Vincenzo", I taught as I wandered down the hallway towards the cells.

I was covered in mud and blood. A scraping noise could be heard as the sword I found dragged against the ground behind me. After strangling a few of the guards to get inside, I found the poor weapon all alone without a single drop of blood on it.

My breathing was slightly rapid as blood ran down my body onto the floor. I smirked as the cell door was in front of me. I immediately forced it open, making it creak... loudly. As I entered, my smirk fell as I saw my family locked inside of cells.

Their eyes focused on me as I entered.

Cora was leaning over a barely conscious Alexander who was tied to a chair. Nicolas was standing next to her with his knuckles covered in blood; I had no idea if it was his or Alexander's. 

"Aww, did I interrupt your family reunion", I pouted before making eye contact with Nicolas," I've been searching for you... I recall you saying we were going to have some fun?"

Nicolas shook his head," You're a completely different kind of crazy."

He started to run at me with a knife in his grasp. Once he was a few inches away from me, he raised his arm to try and stab me? He made a huge mistake trying to do that, I grabbed his forearm. 

"That's really bold of you to assume", I screamed in his face.

I lifted the sword into the air slightly. I swung it towards him, making the blade slice his torso.He dropped the knife instantly. I forced him to the ground.

I whispered in his ear just loud enough for him to hear, "I am not crazy since I was never sane to begin."

Before he could overpower me, I raised the blade to his neck, and sliced his head clean off. For a split moment, I watched the blood flood from his corpse onto the cement flooring.

"Oh no", I sarcastically said," It's destroyed."

"What are you talking about", Cora replied while taking a few steps away from Alexander.

"Your family, it's destroyed now", I frowned at her.

She smirked while raising a gun and aiming it at my head.

"Is that seriously the smartest move you could have possibly made", I tilted my head to side. 

I looked at my family members in the corner of my eye. Most were frightened. Some were concerned, and only a few had pride covering their faces.

"What the fuck are you talking about you're a psychotic bitch", she screamed.

A mutter escaped her lips," It's no wonder why your father sent you away."

In a normal situation, I would have seen nothing but red and killed her immediately. However, due to my lightheadedness I was feeling, it was making that task rather difficult.

"That is the worst thing you could have possibly said. At this moment, I am feeling rather spontaneous, and I am looking for a challenge. I am giving you thirty seconds to run or hide... It' you're choosing.", I explained.

 "If you happen to not choose those options... and you decide to shoot me, my entire family will torture you for the rest of your pathetic life", I smirked.

Her face paled. She dropped the gun, making a bullet fly out of the chamber. I bit my tongue harshly as I felt it pierce my leg.

"Make that ten second", I announced.

I could barely comprehend my family members concerning screams. My eyes took one look at Vince. He gave me a quick nod of approval, not that I needed it.

 Cora was frozen in place with fright. 

I limped over to her. I lifted the sword and forced the blade all the way through her lower leg. She fell onto the ground. She was punching, screaming, trying all her might to get away from me.

"When you die, do me a favor. Tell the devil I say hello", I smirked before forcing the blade all the up her leg until it hit her hip.

I pulled the blade out, watching for a brief moment as the blood started to pool on the ground under her body. After I regained my focus, I limped over to Alexander and carefully cut the ropes tying him to the chair off of his wrists. 

He forced me to sit on the chair before he went over to the cells, I am assuming to let my family out. After a few creaking sounds were heard, most of my brothers were in my field of vision. Valentino instantly started to apply pressure to my bleeding wound on my leg.

Antonio started to apply pressure to my bleeding torso, I didn't even realize that I was injured there.

My eyes started to flutter shut.

"Keep your eyes open", Lorenzo shouted at me.

I was so tired.

Lorenzo kept shouting at me, I couldn't hear what he was saying.

My vision was starting to go dark while the room started to spin.

I rescued them... that's what mattered.

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