19. who the hell are you?

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Luciana POV:

As I opened my eyes, I realized how much my body ached. My head was throbbing, it worsened as I forced my eyes open. It took me a few moments to understand my surroundings. I was wear Val had stitched my leg when I first arrived.

    I relaxed slightly, knowing where I was. My mouth and throat were dry, I noticed a bottle of war on the small table a few feet from the bed. I went to grab the bottle; however, I couldn't move my hand more than six inches. I went to tug my hand and a metal clanking sound filled the air. 

     Handcuffs. My left hand was handcuffed to the frame. Jeez you nearly kill someone, and this is how they repay you. How ungrateful.  My body ached even more as I moved into a sitting position. I tugged even more at the handcuff.

"Want some help?", I didn't recognize this voice.

"who the hell are you", I croaked.

"What my dear cousins didn't talk about me? I am truly offended", this person sounded masculine and had an Italian accent that was quite faded, but you could barely hear it," My name is Alessio."

"They might have talked about you but never mentioned any names", I shrugged.

He chuckled. 

"You know Luciana you might be one of my favorite cousins. Especially after the scene two nights ago."

Two nights? That is impossible that I have been out cold for that long.

"Two nights ago?", I whispered just loud enough for him to hear me.

"Yes. Two nights... It took some extra sedatives to knock you out.", He explained as his smiled faded into a frown.

"I see..."

"Enough with this sappy shit. I had been put in charge of keeping an eye on you in this room but now that you are awake, let's go do something fun", he announced.

"What is it that you have in mind?", I asked.

"Well, I was thinking that we could-", he began explained but was interupted.

"No, you will not brainwash her into being a cold-blooded killer like yourself", Donatello busted into the room.

Oh, dear brother if only you knew what I had become. The bubbly sister you had once had, had become the devil in disguise.  Before I had known it Alessio had stormed out of the room. Donatello looked as if steam were about to come out of his ears.

"Sorry about the handcuff. Just a precaution in case..." he stopped talking.

"In case of what?", I demanded,"You better fucking explain. Did you think I would attack you? If you are refering to the other night, that bastard had it coming. You have no idea what his actions have done to me. How much I have changed.."

"Luci, I didn't mean it that way ..."

"Then how the hell did you mean it. Tell me"

"You think I'm not mad at him for sending you away. I was furious. I still am. You were not the only one who he hurt.", He snapped at me before storming out of the room.

My brother still thinks I hurt people just because I can?  Anger was the only thing I felt. My murderous urges filled my head. I couldn't kill again, the police are still trying to find me from the last one. I could hide the body... No they would find it... I could hide it best... No I can't... Not today.

I didn't realize how long I was alone in that room with my thoughts. Soon the sun's rays began to pierce through the windows. The warmth felt nice. My finger tips on the hand that was attached to the bed was beginning to turn purple. The door snapped open and Valentino entered the room with a cup of coffee.

 Val sat at the desk and began to look over some paperwork and sip at his drink. He looked at me, I think he was expecting me to still be asleep, since the liquid that was in his mouth went flying across the room.

"Luci how long have you been awake for?", he asked.

I shrugged.

He quickly noticed my light purple finger tips and opened a drawer at his desk. He took out a key and unlocked the cuff. He took it off my wrist and put it on my other one and attached it to the other side of the bed frame. 

I glared at him.

"What would you like to have for breakfast?", He gave me a quick smile.

"Out of these handcuffs", I croaked.

"I cannot do that", he informed me.

"Then a little bit of fruit would be nice", I whispered.

After he left the room, I took the hair clip out of my hair and jabbed it into the lock of the cuffs. The soon unlocked, I immediately snatched the bottle of the table and chugged it. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

I put the metal back around my wrist but put my hand over it, so it wouldn't be able to be see. Val entered the room again and placed the tray of food on my lap. He apparently did not like that I only wanted fruit, on the tray was toast, the fruit I asked for, a bowl of oatmeal, and some orange juice.

While I was eating, he began to make small talk about the family's early arrival.

"Val", I asked while I began to nibble at my breakfast?

"Hmm?", he was reading a piece of paper while drinking his coffee.

"Who is Alessio"

Val nearly chocked on his drink, he took a deep breath before responding," Alessio is our cousin. The one that Antonio was talking about."

"The psychopath one?", I asked.

He nodded.

"What did he do to be classified as a psychopath?"

He took another deep breath," He killed his little brother Mateo"

"Alessio doesn't seem like a killer", I shrugged.

"You met him?", he seemed flabergasted.

"Yeah? He said he was in charge of watching me while I was unconscious."

"Lorenzo", he mumbled, sighed, then explained," You were not supposed to meet him. Last night was Lorenzo's shift to watch you and I guess he didn't want to and asked Alessio to do it for him. I am going to talk to Vince to make sure that you don't have any more contact with him."

"Why can't I see him", I demanded.

"Luciana, did you not hear me say he murdered his younger brother?"

 I shrugged. 

 Alessio was so calm and easy to talk to. There has to be a reason he did it. The way he acted; I did not think he killed his younger brother without a good reason to do so.


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