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Luciana POV:

I silently groaned to myself as I rolled my eyes. The same argument began to unravel itself in front of me. It's been hours of endless arguing between my family and the American mafia. They've been failing at trying to decide on a plan to hunt down Mia.

When I was rescuing my family, she escaped during all of the chaos. Mia didn't pose much of a threat to me; however the American mafia and my family felt the desperate need to hunt her down.

"For fucks sake", I slammed my fist onto the oak table. All eyes were harshly glaring at me.

Someone's mumbling caught my attention," Who even let her in here."

"If someone doesn't come up with a compromise in the next ten minutes, I will find her myself", I was fuming," I'll cut her straight down the middle to stop this fucking married couple bickering."

For the next few moments, not a single soul dared to mutter even a single sound.

"Well then", Zane chuckled. I didn't even hear him come into the room. "Come join me for a walk", for a second, I couldn't tell who he was talking to, until I noticed he was staring straight at me.

I rolled my eyes before getting up and walking out of the room, with Zane following closely behind me. With him walking behind me, an issue dawned on me. I had no idea where I was going.

I slowly down until he was walking next to me. "I don't know where I'm going", I embarrassingly muttered.

"I think some fresh air will be good to calm down those nerves of yours", He explained before holding the back door open for me.

I scoffed, "You just wanted to get me out of there to calm down-"

He interrupted as he led me towards the American Mafia's private lake, "No, I wanted to get you out of there before you did something you would regret later." 

We stayed in silence until he stopped at a bench, and we both took a seat. I watched as the dark water rushed onto the sand before it drifted back to its original position.

I sighed, "I'm sorry you were forced to see that."

"Luci it's okay, I prevented anything from happening", He smiled.

"That's not what I'm apologizing for", I whispered," I'm sorry you had to see me so... bloodied up.."

His eyes drifted to the bandage on my leg, covering my stitches from my gunshot wound.

Zane sighed, "You don't need to apologize." He was focused on the dark waters of the lake.

"I' never wanted anyone I knew or cared about to see me act so... insane."

"When you told me you wanted to be an assassin, I was deeply afraid you would be similar to the killing machine I was", His eyes never left the water.

I furrowed my eyebrows. Zane was always so gentle and caring towards me, there's no way he was ever a killing machine. He soon noticed the confused state I was in.

He sighed. " My father was the leader of a gang; he trained me to be what he called a nuclear weapon. Then, my innocent mother died in crossfire... I drifted into a murderous rampage, for years, any person who looked at me the wrong way, died."

He was starting to tear up," The day we met, in that alley was where I was hiding a body... After you were safely asleep that night, I went back and killed that bastard store owner."

I kept my eyes plastered on the water as I struggled to process this information.

"I'm sorry for leaving you", I whispered with tears threatening to spill from my eyes.

He pulled me into a warm comforting hug, but he remained silent.

"For all those years, I didn't know if you were dead, alive, or even safe", He pulled away from the hug," The feeling has been eating at me."

My eyes watered even more. I wrapped my arms tightly around him and squeezed him tight. Before I could stop anything, all the water works rushed out of my eyes, and ran down my cheeks.

After a few moments of hugging, I pulled away. 

Hours passed by as we stayed in silence. I watched as the water zoomed onto the sandy shore before descending back into the lake.

"I think it's time we go check on them", He softly muttered, his eyes holding no emotion.

He stood up, offered his hand to me, and helped me onto my feet. I followed behind him as we went back inside the house. As soon as we were both inside, the atmosphere was extremely tense.

"What the hell happened", I demanded as I slammed the meeting room door open.

Vince was stood hovering over the table, his hands in fists and his left eye twitching. That only happened when he was agitated.

"No agreements can be made", Valentino explained with a yawn, stress ominous in his voice.

"Why", I asked.

One of the American Mafia's men stood, "You! You are the only reason we cannot compromise on anything," he sneered with glaring daggers at me.

"Me?", I scoffed.

"You, Lucifer, are a monster. If we use out men and resources to hunt this Mia down, it's pointless. I can guarantee that you have more enemies out there", He pointed at me," I bet the next time someone hurts your poor little feelings you'll come begging us for help."

I sighed," I understand how that can make you all feel uneasy," I glanced at the man I recognized as the leader of the American Mafia," Please help us track her down. This is your territory, you and your men know it better than ours. Tracking and torturing Mia will help bring closer for Hazel." 

The man raised his eyebrow at me, "How do you expect us to locate her? My territory has many hiding places."

"I don't expect 'us' to find anything. I need your men to stand guard at the border of your territory. I'll find her myself," I walked closer to him.

"How do I know you can find her?", he asked.

"Please, trust me this one time", I extended my hand out, mentally begging him to shake it," She will be all yours to torture."

He sighed, threat hidden in his voice," Do not let me down Lucifer."

He extended his arm and firmly shook my hand, agreeing to my terms.

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