6. Tell me who she is before I throw myself off this plane.

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                                          Luciana POV:

My eyes throbbed as I opened them. Within seconds I realized how badly my leg was hurting, I pulled the blanket that was over top of me to the side. The memory invaded my head once I caught sight of the stitches. I glanced at my environment, not my apartment. I sat up from the bed, I'm assuming Vince laid me in.

I tossed my legs over the side, and slowly stood up. I limped to the door of the room I was in. My leg didn't hurt as badly as I thought it would, it mostly felt numb. I opened the door.  Through a window I could see white fluffy clouds surrounding me, I was on a plane. I had to force myself to look away from the magnificent scenery.

The cabin was filled with leather chairs and sofas. On the chair on the very end of the row I saw the worst thing I could have ever seen... Martino Roman sleeping, the bastard who ruined my life. Anger filled my entire thoughts; dark scarlet filled my vision. I snatched a steak knife from the attendant cart and walked towards the end of the row.

The grip I had on the handle increased as I got closer to him. I lifted my arms and plunged the knife into his leg. He immediately woke up looking ready to kill. I smirked at him.

"What the actual fuck is the matter with you!", he screeched. I could practically taste the smell of alcohol that radiated off of his breath.

Vincenzo frantically ran into the cabin, he calmed down after he saw that Martino was the one who was screaming. Actually, I think he was trying not to laugh. He pushed the button for the attendant who was quick at arriving.

"Yes Mr. Roman", she asked.

"Martino requires medical attention. Thanks", he told the attendant.

"No offense sir, but I am not trained in the medical field"

"I would do it myself but Luciana's wound requires my immediate assistance"

My wound requires assistance? I looked down at it and blood was running down my leg.I must have tore the stitches while stabbing Martino, totally worth it. I bit my tongue as the blood ran down my sock onto the carpeted floor.

"Luciana I'm going to carry you back into the room so you don't rip any more of the stitches", Before I could respond Vince picked me up bridal style and carried me into the room I woke up in. He placed me on the bed and elevated my leg with some pillows with towels on top. He grabbed the first aid kit and took out the necessary items to repair my stitches.

"So where did you learn to shoot a gun? You can shoot almost as well as I can", he questioned as he struggled to thread the needle.

I just glared at him, does he just think he can just pop back into my life. Maybe he thinks I'll just ramble about everything that happened to me like a schoolgirl would.

"If you think your glaring is going to stop me from trying to have a conversation with my little sister then you're wrong, I basically raised Lorenzo and boy was he a handful.", he ranted," and not to mention the glares from Cora at dinner..."

He stopped speaking. Cora? I don't remember any family members named Cora.

"Who is Cora?", I asked before biting my lip as he began to restitch my wound.

He kept quiet, this is pissing me off.

"VINCENZO if you don't tell me who the hell Cora is I'm throwing myself off this plane.", I glared at him so he knew I was serious.

"Fine... but you have to promise not to kill Martino"


"No Luciana you have to promise me"

"Fine I promise from the bottom of my heart I won't kill Martino", note the sarcasm

"Cora is Martino's wife"

Vince finished stitching my leg, he quit trying to communicate with me. Before leaving the room, he told me not to put pressure on my leg. Martino remarried this woman and expected her to replace Mama. Nobody can replace my mama. My brain began to be flooded with one of my favorite memories of her.

Me and my brothers were playing our favorite game, scary dragons and the princess. I ran behind my mama's legs as my brother Antonio and Marcello chased me.

"Mama Save me", I squealed from behind her.

"How could I refuse to save this pretty princess", she picked me up and we all giggled and laughed.

Martino came into the room to see what all the noise was about, he kissed mama on the cheek.

"The photographer is here to take our family photo, everyone else is waiting for you four", Martino announced.

We all went and got our annual family photo taken.

A knock at the door brought me back to reality from memory lane. I wiped a lone tear that escaped my eye before Vince came into the room.

"Hey Luci, how are you feeling?", he asked.

"Fine", I answered quickly, trying to make the conversation end as quickly as possible.

"Good, we will be landing in a few minutes so please sit in the seat over there and buckle up. And Martino will be riding in a separate car due to safety issues", he pointed to a seat in the corner of the room that I hadn't noticed before now," Once we get back Valentino will check your leg."

He helped me walk over to it, without putting any weight on my leg. He helped me buckled myself before he went into the main cabin.

The plane then began its descent to the ground. A few minutes after we stopped moving Vince came back into the room and carried me out of the room, out of the plane, and into a car. We started to drive towards what I am assuming is their house in Los Angeles. Vince's phone began to ring loudly.

"Hello?", he asked," I understand."

"Who was that?"I curiously asked him," Donnie, Lorenzo got suspended from school again."


I stared out the window for the remainder of the trip. Vince carried me to the front door once we arrived at their house. The front door was opened quickly by one of the house keepers. He placed me on my feet once we were inside.

"We're back", Vince yelled.                                

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