7. It was satisfying and I have no regrets.

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Luciana Point of View:

I waited patiently behind Vince as our brothers made an appearance. I stayed behind Vince until all six of them had arrived.

"As you know, me and Martino went to New York. We told you it was for business, however it was not", he announced," we actually went to pick up Luciana."

He forced me from behind him and into their sight. Some looked shocked, others had tears in their eyes, and one seemed unphased of my arrival.

"Do not be rude, introduce yourselves", Vince scolded them.

"Hello little sister, I'm Donnie", he smiled and pulled me into a quick hug," It's lovely to see you again."

"I'm Valentino, or Val. Whichever you prefer", He ruffled my hair and stepped away.

The next brother stepped forward, his build was large, and he seemed angry. I had to strain my neck to properly see his face.

"I'm Antonio", he pulled me into a tight hug before mumbling into my ear," I missed you."

"Hi Luci", he bounced up to me and genuinely smiled at me," I'm Leo."

I nodded.

Before I had realized it, a pair of arms snaked around me, "I'm a bit offended you don't remember me Ana", he said.

"Sorry but it has been twelve years."

"Well, I'm Marcello", he finally let me go.

"Where is Lorenzo?", Vincenzo asked Donnie.

"He skipped the remainder of the school day after getting suspended, but he should be here soon", he answered.

"He'd better be here soon. Come on Luci, let's get you upstairs so Val can make sure your stitches aren't going to get infected", Vince announced as he picked me up.

"Stitches", Everyone questioned except for Val and Vince.

"I'll kill the fucking bastard who laid their hands on her", Antonio grumbled.

"That's going to be a problem", I said.

"Oh, and why is that", he questioned?

"Because he is currently rotting away on some concrete", I shrugged.

Vince quickly took me upstairs with Valentino following behind us. Once I was inside a hospital-like room Valentino began to examine my stitches.

"Okay, it doesn't seem to be infected. Does it hurt?", Val questioned?

"No", I lied.

The numbness had left once we arrived at their house. However, I do not want any help from them, I have had worse wounds in the past than a simple gun shot.

"I'm going to wrap it and we will be finished", Val took out some gauze, medical tape, and bandages.

"It is time for dinner once you're finished Val", Vince announced," Hopefully Martino will not make an appearance."

"Why would Martino skip dinner?", Val pondered.

"Well, you see someone decided to-"

I quickly cut Vince off," I stabbed Martino on the plane. It was satisfying and I have no regrets."

"That is a good reason and he deserved it", Val nodded, and finished wrapping my leg.

Before Vince could pick me up, I stood up and swiftly limped to the door. Vince and Val walked beside me; I mostly followed their directions since I had no idea where the dining room was. My other four brothers were already seated when we arrived.

The front door slammed shut, the sound echoed through the room. Soon a look alike of Leo's entered the room. Then it hit me, Lorenzo Roman. I glared daggers at him while digging my nails into my palms. I tried to take a few deep breaths to calm myself down.

The last words he had spoken to me invaded my head.

"You're the reason Mama is dead."

"You're the reason Mama is dead."

"You're the reason Mama is dead."

I picked up the knife on the table and threw it into a framed photo of Lorenzo on the wall, hitting him right between the eyes. I pushed my chair behind me and stormed into a random direction, not caring where I ended up.

I entered a home gym. Martino isn't around so this punching bag will have to do. I darted towards it and started slamming my fists into it. My fists kept making contact with it over and over again, the pain radiated through my body from my knuckles, but I didn't care.

Soon someone pulled me away from the bag, I was about to murder the person who interrupted me. However, their hands were too tan to be one of my brothers. My head darted to look at their face.

Tears began to threaten to spill from my eyes. I jumped up into his arms and wrapped my arms around his torso tightly.

"I missed you so much", I began to sob into his chest.

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