3. Give me my Fifty Bucks or I break your car windows.

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                                                                                               Luciana POV

 My sperm-donor looked the same as he did twelve years ago, except his hair was grayer and he had more wrinkles. My brother Vincenzo changed so much. His hair was properly cut and styled, and it seems he grew a few inches.

"Excuse me?" Martino confusingly asked.

"I said it was just curiosity, maybe another one of your kids "murdered" a family member", I stated while staring daggers at him.

Martino rolled his eyes before leaving the room and going in the direction to the main area of the station. I smiled at Vince. He was the only one of my siblings I truly missed. Most of my other siblings didn't really do anything to me, I just don't remember them to well.

"Excuse me sir, I am going to need to ask you to leave the room while we escort her to the front", an officer informed Vince, he nodded and left in the same direction as Martino.

The officer came over to me with keys, unlocked my cuffs, allowing me to stand, and then re locking them. He walked behind me, keeping his hands on my wrists near my rear. I didn't like where his hands were. I stopped walking before we even exited the room.

"Move your hands", I told him.

"Walk", He grumbled at me.

"I said move your fucking hands."

"If you don't start walking, I'll have to use force."

"Fine", I started walking.

Once he was back in the same position as before, I slammed my foot backwards into his crotch. He stumbled and leaned forward, moving his hands to his crotch. I took a few steps forward. When he was leaned forward, I forced my head backwards, hitting him in the nose. I smirked as I heard a crack.

"You broke my nose you fucking bitch", the officer screeched at me as he cradled his bloody nose with his hands.

I started to walk towards the front with the officer trailing slightly behind me, keeping his distance. As we entered the main room, the officers stared at the one following me. Martino and Vince looked at me with worry on their faces, I smiled at Vince and nodded. The officer behind me went over to who I am assuming is of higher power.

"I would like to report an assault", the officer told the other.

"You do that, and I will report a sexual assault", I announced and glared at the officer.

He glared at me for a second before leaving the room.

"Alright then, well the paperwork is completed so I can take the cuffs off of you", a nice female officer told me before removing the cuffs. After the cuffs were off, I began to rub my sore red wrists.

"I would like my belongings back", I told the female officer in a polite manner.

"I am sorry, but I truly don't have a clue what you are speaking about", she shrugged.

"I know you do; you were there when they took my stuff, now give me my shit back or I start breaking stuff, starting with your car windows."

Her face paled before she took my things from a drawer in her desk, she put them on her desk. I picked up my things and put them in my pockets.

"Where is my money", I demanded.

"I-I don-don't kn-know", she stuttered.

"Lady c'mon we just went through this bull shit, give me my fifty bucks or I break your windows."

She sighed before taking it out of her pocket and placing it in my palm. I smiled at her before leaving, with Martino and Vincenzo following close behind me. My apartment was two blocks away and that is where I intended to go.

"Luciana", Martino announced.

I sighed, hearing my name come from his lips put me in an even worse mood than I was already in. I grit my teeth and dug my nails into my palms before turning around to face him.

"What do you want", I said through gritted teeth.

"The hotel is this way", he motioned to the left.

"No thanks", I started to walk to the right.

"I said our hotel was this way", he demanded.

"Yeah whatever, I don't care. Have your tantrum in your precious hotel."

As I was walking, I heard someone's footsteps following me. I assumed it was either Vince or Martino. I started to pick up the pace and weaving in between the crowds of people covering the street. Hopefully whoever it was would get lost in the streets.

Once I got to my apartment building, I ran inside and went inside the elevator. As soon as the elevator stopped, I hurried into my apartment and pushed the couch in front of the door since the lock has never worked.

I took my shoes off at the door before going into my small kitchen to make myself a cup of warm green tea with lots of lemon. I went outside onto my balcony, sipping on my warm drink. My eyes glanced down onto the street below, I saw him. Martino Roman.

That pissed me off, I slammed my mug onto my end table before storming into my living room. I went into my bedroom and put on a pair of black jeans and a black hoodie. I put one of my favorite knifes into my hoodie pocket.

Once, ready to go, I went onto the street and went to the nearest subway. I purchased my ticket and waited on the bench for my train to arrive. An elderly woman approached me.

"Is anyone sitting there?", she motioned to the spot next to me.

"No", I told her politely.

She took a folded newspaper from her handbag and began to read it. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the front cover. I tried my hardest not to smile as I read it.

"Latest News on the unknown serial killer, the latest victim has been found in Queens, New York. The victim, a thirty-six-year-old male, passed away due to blood loss. This marks the tenth victim this month."

The lady folded her paper and placed it gently in her handbag," It pains me to see these people getting killed", she said.

"Me too, my mother wants me to quit my part-time job due to all the killings happening", I lied.

"Your mother seems like a smart lady", she smiled as a train arrived in the station," It was wonderful chatting to you. This is my train."

A man, whom I recognized as the officer whose nose I broke, purposely bumped into the sweet lady. Looks like I didn't need to take the subway tonight after all. As the officer left the station, I followed.

Before he could get into a populated street, I ran up behind him and grabbed his jacket. I pulled him into an alley, before he could make any noise, I slammed his head into the brick wall. I quickly took my knife from my pocket and slit his throat.

Before I left, I whispered into his ear, "I bet next time you'll think twice before being a jack ass to nice people."

I threw his body onto the ground with no remorse before rushing away from the body.

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