16. Until We Meet Again

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Caution: This chapter may be triggering.


Luciana Pov:

After finishing our breakfast, my brothers decided to take me shopping for desperately needed clothes and anything I wanted.  We were all ready waiting at the door for Marcello to get downstairs. Right now we are just waiting on Marcello to come downstairs to the entre way. 

"Marcello if you don't hurry the hell up we are going to leave your ass here", Antonio yelled loudly, making the noise slightly echo.

As Marcello finally came downstairs, my brothers had scowls on their faces. Before any murdering could take place, I snatched the keys from Valentino without being noticed and went outside. 

I got into the correct car and revved the engine. They all rushed out of the house in a frenzied state. I could see them visibly relax when they saw I wasn't fleeing from the driveway. Val dashed over to my door and opened it.

"Very funny now get out of the drivers seat", he demanded.

"I got here first", I smirked.

He raised his eyebrows and me before forcibly dragging me out of the seat. I had no choice but to get into the back seat between Antonio and Leonardo, with Antonio on my left and Leo on my right.

"Sorry Luciana but after you took Lorenzo's car to an illegal race, I don't trust you to drive mine", Val told me while adjusting the mirrors.

"Yeah yeah,  whatever. I won that race by the way", I mumbled.

 If only being squished wasn't enough, Donatello decided to blast some Katy Perry. And he was screaming his lungs out to the lyrics. He sounded like a dying squirrel.

Someone please kill me!

Luckily, it didn't take us very long to arrive at the mall. I however didn't except Val to drive as fast as he did. It almost resulted in Donnie having a heart attack. After we were parked we got out and waited for the others to arrive.

Once everyone was at the mall we all went inside together. Before even reaching one store, about fifteen girls gave my brother googly eyes. Since I was distracted with looking at the boy crazy girls, I didn't realize which store we  entered. However, I quickly pulled Vincenzo to the side.

"Is everything okay Luciana?", he concerningly asked.

"Yeah everything is okay Vince...  who's paying for this so-called shopping trip."

"Martino gave Antonio his credit card this morning.", he smirked at me.

The ear bleeding car trip was worth everything now. I grabbing everything in my size and pulled it from the shelves. Over half of the items, I would never wear. Martino is paying so I do not care how much money I spend on pointless things.

 The first store was only beginning, we went to a different store, then another, then another. I did the same thing I did in the first, getting everything in my size. As we were shopping, I got a feeling that someone was watching me. Once we were finished with our shopping for the day, we decided to go to the food court to get some lunch. 

While my brothers went to get us some I food, I went to bathroom. Once I was inside, I had a bad feeling in my stomach. As I washed my hands, the hair on my neck stood up. As I tried to leave the bathroom, a hand was over my mouth and I was being pulled away from the door. 

"My my I never knew you could be so feisty Lucky", he whispered in my ear.

Inside I was panicking but on the outside I stayed calm. Soon my brothers will realize I'm missing and they will come looking for me.

"It's a shame I got blamed for your killing ... It was such a horrible mess that had to be cleaned up... You will pay for that very soon my precious Luciana"

He removed his hand from my mouth and gently began to caress my cheek. I turned my head away from his touch. His hand roughly grabbed my jaw and forced it back into its original position. 

The lights flickered, and he was gone. I frantically turned  in all directions  to make sure he was truly gone. He was no where to be seen, however a note rested on the tile where he stood.

It read:

"Until We meet again"

I dropped the piece of paper quickly and left the restroom in a panicked state. My breath was uneven as I made my way back to the table where my brothers were seated. I took my seat and attempted to calm down.

"We didn't know what you wanted so we got you a little bit of everything", Valentino told me while he put a foam container in front of me. Inside was some Chinese food, pasta, fries, and some pizza.

I nodded and began to pick at the food.  My stomach was in knots. The encounter with him  had me completely worked up. Lorenzo noticed I wasn't eating. He kept staring at me.

"Luci come with me to get some drinks for everyone", Lorenzo told me while getting up from his seat.

I hesitantly nodded before following close behind him. He took me to a secluded area beside the vending machines.

"Alright Luci what gives. You're barely touching your food and you've been acting weird ever since you came back from the bathroom."

"I saw Nicolas, as I was going into the bathroom", I whispered as I struggled to get the words out.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tightly against him, "It will be okay, I will not let him touch you."

I nodded gratefully.

Lorenzo comforted me until I was calmed down enough for us to join the others. We bought everyone a soda from the vending machine and took them to them.


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