Chapter XII: Lord of the land or a guardian spirit of the land?

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Previously on the demon slayer story...

Shinobu: You stop your total concentration breathing.

Tanjiro: Oh.

She smiles before she vanishes.

Y/N: She's a ghost!?- wait Tanjiro, what did she mean by total concentration breathing?

Tanjiro: Its how Kanao became better during our training.

Y/N completely forgot about the most important part of his uncle training.

Uncle: Remember to use total concentration breathing. With it, you can master your dragon breathing.

Y/N:...Shouting. How the hell did I forgot about that!?

Suddenly a pillow was thrown at Y/N face by Aoi from the ground and Y/N fell from the rooftop.

Aoi: Quiet down we're trying to sleep!

Y/N: Groan...

The scene faded to black. We now move to where Tanjiro is training while doing TCB (total concentration breathing) where as Y/N is sticking with his uncle's training at the woods as he's doing TCB too. When he came back to the butterfly mansion he saw Tanjiro successfully blow a small gourd with his breathing, kinda like too much air on a balloon and then pop.

Y/N: Wait is that part of your training Tanjiro?

Tanjiro: Yup, it helps. Though this is my first time blowing it. After that I'll have to blow the big one right there.

He point at the gourd that's the same size as them, causing Y/N eyes widen.

Y/N: That's huge! Where did they even make them that big!?

They were chatting about TCB where as Zenitsu and Inosuke are hiding behind a bush while listening to them

Zenitsu: Whisper. Not good.

Time skip to next morning.

When Zenitsu woke up he notice that Tanjiro and Y/N woke up early to train. At first Zenitsu was a little panic due to him and Inosuke falling behind while taking his medicine until Inosuke stand up on the bed with a serious face.

Inosuke:... Come on Monistu.

They both meet up with Shinobu asking her about Tanjiro and Y/N training.

Shinobu: Smiles. What Tanjiro and Y/N are trying to master is called "Total concentration constant." By doing total concentration breathing every second of the day and night, your stamina level will improve. So shall we go ahead and try?

Few minutes later they were exhausted enough that they were down.

Zenitsu: Huff huff. Impossible! This is utterly impossible!

Tanjiro and Y/N explain how they do their training while doing total concentration breathing and how it was.

Tanjiro: Smiles. It just take a lot of practice.

Y/N: It may be a bit painful, but trust us it'll help you get stronger with your breathing techniques.

They shook their heads not wanting to do it. At first Tanjiro and Y/N tried to convince them until Shinobu help out. Shinobu told Inosuke that he was probably still not strong enough and he doesn't have to do it. Inosuke then snap 💢 and started to shout that he can do it and not to underestimate him. She then told Zenitsu that she's his number 1 supporter as she hold his hand. This made him blush like a steaming pot and gets so excited that a girl believes in him. They began to train with TCB by Zenitsu running on the fence.

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