E.D. Chapter III: Too loud

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(This chapter takes place during 4 months before they join Tengen Uzui)

Previous on the demo slayer story...

Rengoku: Smiles. I know you're still regretting what you did. But don't feel bad, the upper moon would've killed me if you didn't do anything.

Y/N: I know...but we'll be ready if we see him again.

Rengoku: Though I am curious, what did you do to sent chill on Akaza?

Y/N: I don't know, I just glared at him but I did felt a small spark came out of me. Maybe I should check something out later.

Rengoku: Right, you should get some rest too, you guys have a lot of training ahead.

Y/N nods as he leaves Rengoku and the scene then faded to black.


We see Y/N running in the forest while his uncle is just standing in one spot.

U/N: Y/N!

Y/N: Huh?

U/N: How is it that you always get lost the second you being your direction training!? You simply gotta go straight heck I even mark the X's on the trees!

Y/N: Well thats because all the trees looks the same. Ow!-

His uncle smacks his head.

U/N: That doesn't even help your problem! Sigh. Looks like we have no choice but to teach you one of the dragon breathing form sooner.

Y/N: Um I don't think it'll help.

U/N: Trust me, with this form you won't get lost. Its the second form call Brown Dragon ground sense. It'll allow you to sense a demon from a mile away along with direction. But you'll have to do it while being blind so trust your seismic senses.

Y/N: Huh, that doesn't sound hard.

His uncle pinches his cheeks.

Y/N: Owowowow!

Uncle: The next time you get lost you're on your own to master that form!

Present/Butterfly Mansion

Its been 3 months since Tanjiro and Y/N visited Rengoku family home and the four of them have been training every day during 3 months along with the crow giving them either a team or a solo mission. Today Y/N decides to take a break from training and he gets ready to leave until Tanjiro came to him to ask.

Tanjiro: Hey Y/N, going on a new mission?

Y/N: Nah, I'm just gonna go check on something. Beside, it wouldn't hurt to take a break from training. Even on total concentration breathing.

Tanjiro: Good point. But we do need to get strong if we're ever gonna fight an upper moon.

Y/N: Smiles. Don't worry, I'll be back in a week or two. Besides, I'll be training during my traveling.

Tanjiro: Smiles. OK then, safe travel Y/N.

Y/N: Smiles. Cya.

Y/N heads out leaving Tanjiro realize something.

Tanjiro: 'Wait, doesn't Y/N sometimes loose direction?'

Time skip

Its been couple days since Y/N left the mansion. Right now he's at a city in nightfall. as he's traveling, he's wearing a straw hat (similar to samurai jack hat.) to cover his face in case he ever come cross with demons. He sits outside of the cafe as he drinks some tea waiting for someone. Soon a person sit behind him back to back. Thankfully Y/N recognize the person aura and spoke up.

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