E.D. Chapter VII: God vs demons vs ???

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Previous on the Demon Slayer Story...

Gyutaro: Who the hell are these two idiots?

???: Isn't it obvious?

Gyutaro: Huh?

Y/N and Tanjiro made an entrance from above and landed next to Tengen with Y/N blindfold on and he held out his hand.

Y/N: We're the Legend of Sanniiiiiiins!

Tengen: Grinn. Talk about a flashy entrance. That's what I like to see!

As they're ready to fight, the real battle begins. the scene then faded to black. We now see everyone finally together and gets ready to fight.

Gyutaro: Hmph. You can summon all the underlings you want but unfortunately your fates are sealed from the start.

Y/N: You're wrong...

Gyutaro: Huh?

Y/N: We're the ones who fight from the start, but it is fate that guides us in battle.

Gyutaro: Scratches himself. You're all going to die anyway. So drop the act and quit staring at me like that will ya?

Tengen: Smiles. We'll win cuz we're demon slayer corps!

Daki: yeah right fat chance! Not when your being poisoned as we speak!

Tanjiro: Poison!?

Y/N: 'The brother must be using poison.'

Tengen: Oh, we're going to win easy. I'm at the top of my game when I'm shackled by poison in my system!

Daki: Drop the act already!

Tengen: Shut up! Don't you underestimate humans! All four of these boys are my brilliant tsuguko! So they have relentless grit! And they'll fight on even if their limbs fall off! Not to mentioned that we know how to bring you two down!

Y/N: Smiles. By beheading you both at the same time!

Inosuke: Heheheh. I see now, its that simple! That means we've already won haven't we.

Gyutaro: you make it sound so simple but every demon slayers died because the could do that simple things. Not even a hashira. 15 for me and 7 for my sister. Smiles. That's how many we killed.

Daki: Grinned. You heard him, not a single one lived to see daybreak! The nights are long for our sides, so every last one of you just die!

Daki attacks with her belt and Y/N & Tanjiro were about to fight but then they were interrupted by Zenitsu using his thunder breathing so fast that caught them by surprised.

Tanjiro: Zenitsu!

Y/N: 'Oh shxt. When did he learned that!?'

Inosuke: Leave that worm lady to me and Mr sleepyhead! You three go take care of that praying mantis demon!

Y/N: Careful, she's strong with her belts!

Tanjiro: So watch your back!

Inosuke: Got it!

Gyutaro: I'm not about to let you kill my sister.

Tengen: Then you'll have to get through us first!

Gyutaro: The horrible things done to us and made us suffer. We do the same to anyone to make them how it feels to suffer like us. Because that's the way we live now! We're going to slash you up just like we did to the others!

Gyutaro instantly goes for Tanjiro and Y/N tries to save him but Gyutaro also went for him until Tengen pulls them away and they both clashes their weapons. Just then Y/N notice something and warns Tanjiro.

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