Tain Arc Chapter I: Meeting The Flame Hashira

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A/N: just a quick heads up I might gonna change the writing a bit so it'd be easy. Hope you readers are enjoying the book. 😉

Previously on the Demon Slayer story...

Inosuke: wohoo! This things fast!

Y/N: No wonder this is the lord of the land.

Zenitsu: Hey Tanjiro.

Tanjiro: Huh?

Zenitsu: Worried. You sure about bringing Nezuko along? Wouldn't the safest place be back at headquarters?

Tanjiro:...Smiles. This is fine, wherever we go we will always be together. We're never going to be part again.

Y/N: And we're friends, we'll always look out for each other no matter what.

They went inside the train to wait for their next stop.

We see the four of them entered the train from the back. They look around the train while Inosuke is fooling around with the window while Y/N is looking out from the window. Zenitsu pulls Inosuke away from the passengers.

Inosuke: So freaken fast!

Y/N: This train sure is something. Its like doing nothing but at the same time traveling.

They then head over to the next train cart.

Zenitsu: You guys never actually been on a train? Just how dumb are you two?

Y/N: I mostly walk because I get to meet some friends. I mean that's how I met you guys.

Tanjiro helps the old lady by putting her luggage on the top as they thank him.

Zenitsu: So who we're looking for anyway?

Y/N: Last I remember my crow mentioned to join Kyojuro Rengoku. I think Tanjiro and I met him on Tanjiro trials.

Zenitsu: He's a Hashira, right? This Rengoku person, you sure you'll recognize his face?

Tanjiro: Sure. He had this Gaudy hairstyle and I remember his scent too.

Y/N: Not to mentioned he has a cool sword.

Tanjiro: Yeah. I think we'll know him once we got close.

They both nod as they were about to open the next cart, suddenly they heard a shouting noise.

???: UMAI! (Delicious)

At first they were a little bit panic until Y/N picked up a familiar aura. They went to the next cart and follow the source of noise.

???: UMAI!

They entered the next cart and the passenger were shock by someone.

???: UMAI!

As they approach Tanjiro and Y/N recognize the person. It was Kyojuro Rengoku eating.

Rengoku: Takes a bite. UMAI! Second. UMAI! Third. UMAI! Fourth. UMAI!

Zenitsu: Whisper. Is that the flame hashira guy?

Rengoku: UMAI!

Tanjiro: Yeah.

Zenitsu: Not just some random glutton?

Y/N: Smacks Zenitsu head. Nonsense! Haven't you learn the most important part of a demon slayer?

Rengoku: UMAI!

Zenitsu: Total concentration breathing?

Y/N: Wrong! Its to eat much as you can because you never know where, when, and how long will your next mission will be.

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