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 Taymor PovLong Beach, California Same day, Wednesday 5:45 Pm

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Taymor Pov
Long Beach, California
Same day, Wednesday
5:45 Pm


The loud slap echoed in the silent room.

Taymor grabbed his face once he felt the hand come in contact with his face leaving a powerful stinging behind.

"I don't know who you think you are but you got me fucked up!" Taymor yelled, swinging on Bryson as he tried to block the hits that came pouring down on him.

" I ain't no bitch you can hit on" Taymor grabbed his phone running down the stairs and out the door.

Taymor ran down the street till he got to a local liquor store, making him stop and catch his breath.

Taymor didn't have no shoes and he forgot his bag that had his jacket in it.

Taymor decided to wait in the store and wait til Molly get done with her extra classes before calling her.

"Hey lil ma" The familiar voice said, once Taymor grabbed the handle to the store.

Taymor turned around, coming in contact with a tall male, making him try and back up.

"I ain't know you live around here" Dayvon looked at Taymor face with a confused look.

"What happened to yo face?" Dayvon noticed the red bruise that was forming around Taymor eye and the side of his face.

"Nothing just had a mix up" Taymor lied casually, while Dayvon looked him up and down.

"So you came outside with no shoes? And a fucked up face? That's not adding up" Dayvon grabbed Taymor chin, forcing him to look up at him as he inspected the bruise on his face.

"Me and Bryson got into a fight that's all" Taymor mumbled, when Dayvon rubbed his cheek softly.

"Let me give you a ride back to my house real quick Kentrell gon be there so you won't think I'ma try kill you" Dayvon said calmly even though he was flaming with rage, wanting to kill Bryson.

Dayvon removed his hand, guiding Taymor to the his car that was parked on the side of the store.

Dayvon popped the locks for Taymor as he walked around to the other side.

"Just letting strangers in yo car Mr. Big man" Taymor laughed.

"Man just get in the car"


"KENTRELL OPEN UP THIS DAMN DOOR" Dayvon yelled, Taymor laughed at Dayvon who was banging on the door trying to get the boy attention.

"I'm up chill" Kentrell spoke once he opened the door.

"What happened to lil man face" Kentrell raised his eyebrows, looking at Taymor who had stopped laughing.

"Bryson" Dayvon whispered softly.

"Awl fuck no I know he ain't hit my baby go get my shoes Dayvon" Kentrell snapped, running up the stairs.

"No no no no that's not necessary please tell him" Taymor turned to Dayvon who was about to get his shoes.

"Man I wanted to see Bryson get his ass beat" Dayvon threw Kentrell shoes back in the spot they was in.


"You can sit down here or go upstairs with Kentrell and watch a movie" Dayvon said, sitting on the couch.

Taymor walked up the stairs, walking through the hallway.

"Come in here" Kentrell peeped his head out the room door.

Taymor walked in the side room, and sat on the fluffy bed.

"If y'all underage how y'all get a whole ass house" Taymor asked, looking around.

"Dayvon mom gift this to him when he was young he got it once he turned 16" Kentrell explain, turning to a movie.

"What happened between you and Bryson?" Kentrell raised his eyebrow.

"I told him I didn't see me and him in a relationship in the future and he bitch slapped me but it's fine I'm not worried" Taymor brushed off.

"It's not fine your face is purple and red you too beautiful for that" Kentrell rubbed Taymor cheek.

"Urm your boyfriend downstairs" Taymor said, once Kentrell leaned in for a kiss.

"Shhh" Kentrell leaned in, kissing Taymor plumped lips.

"Damn without me"


(A/n: Short chapter but yeahhh HOPED YALL ENJOYED I LOVE YALL 💕)

Bryson when he heard Taymor wanted to break up:

Bryson when he heard Taymor wanted to break up:

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