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 Taymor Pov~Florida, Miami 1 year later, Monday3:45 Pm

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Taymor Pov~
Florida, Miami
1 year later, Monday
3:45 Pm

(Listen so let me explain the math before I have somebody come for me saying the baby/babies is supposed to be 1 if it's one year later... SO 12 - 9 = 3 right so If Taymor left when he was like 5 weeks.. then 8-9 months later 2-3 months later make a year sooo the baby/babies is gonna 2-3 months. Sorry for this long ass thing just wanted to explain.... Enjoy🫰🏽❤️)


Taymor was sitting in the back up room, waiting for the lady to give him the signal to walk on to stage.

The lady wave her hand, which was the signal for Taymor to walk, Taymor walked on to the stage in a black and gold glittery skin tight dress with gold heels and a black purse.

Taymor look left and right before turning on his heel, and walking back to the back room but not before striking a couple of poses while everyone clapped for him.

"That was good Tay Tay" Becky clapped as Taymor came to the back stage, sitting down and sipping from his glass of water that was on his table.

After Taymor moved from California, he was struggling badly not just physically but emotionally too, he never went back high school either he thought it was the best for him, so he tried out different jobs and got rejected every time, until Becky asked him to try out the modeling business.

Taymor applied at a small modeling company and got approved after only a couple of walks and pictures, Taymor blow up so quickly, people all over the world seen Taymor cuteness and sexiness, with his small baby bump and all.

Then Taymor switched into modeling for pregnant teens, and quickly grew from there but deep down Taymor wasn't really happy with everything he got not even with the 17.3k he got in a month or with the 10.5m Followers he earned on instagram.

Only one thing in life that was holding Taymor back... Kentrell and Dayvon, Taymor knew what he did was wrong and tried to ignore it, but it only made matters worse once Taymor seen them blowing up on the internet with their music careers.

Taymor even went to one of Kentrell's concerts, and that alone made him feel special.

Taymor recently seen that they both was in Miami for their concert together so Taymor built up some courage and decided he was gonna text Dayvon and ask him to met up which he still did not do yet.

"Ayeee Tay Tay stop zoning out" Becky snapped her fingers in Taymor's face making him jump back a bit.

"Can you bring me Zacei and Zehara from the back pleaseee" Taymor begged, wanting to see his babies after a hard day of work.

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