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 Taymor Pov Miami, Florida8 Months later  Florida County Jail

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Taymor Pov
Miami, Florida
8 Months later
Florida County Jail


It been 8 months since Taymor got booked into jail since then he made a lot of friends in here but he was only close to his cell mate. "So you tellin me yo nigga never fingered you and shoved that shi down ya throat tellin you to taste yo self?" Taymor asked, in a shock like tone.

"Nah" Domi said.

Taymor met Dominque when he first got him, he was in here for assault with a deadly weapon, the male had told Taymor his mother boyfriend tried to rape when he came to pick up the rest of his bags and Dominique stab him in the chest and slashed his balls to his dick because they was "not needed" and of course his mother took her boyfriend side saying she saw the whole thing.

Sadly her boyfriend lived and decided not to press charges but Dominique still went to jail he was supposed to be in here for 5 years but the judge said 3 he served 2 years and 5 months now he was getting out on good behavior with Taymor.

They was getting released tomorrow, they didn't sweat it but deep inside they wanted to get out and go see their children.

"You can't wait to see yo babies?" Dominique asked.

"Yasss girl they 1 and some months now and the other around 6" Taymor smiled happily.

"I can't wait neither. It's kinda sad I gave birth to them in jail but I can't wait to hold them again" Dominique said, thinking about how he went into labor alone in his cell.

"When we get out let's meet up so my kids and your kids can have a play date" Taymor suggested, which Dominique nodded his head.

Taymor stared at Dominique awkwardly before grabbing his arm and pulling them to his cell.

Once they got in the cell Taymor sat Dominique on the bottom bunk then went to put a piece of shirt in the lock hole to keep it from locking.

Taymor sat on Dominique lap, looking him in his eyes before planting wet kisses on his face and lips.

Taymor and Dominique bumped coochies from time to time but they was never attracted to one other, they both loved their boyfriends dearly but when he came to sexually relations in here they please each other.

Taymor reached his hand in Dominique orange joggers, feeling on Dominique's bare pussy, toying with his clit. "Lay back".

The younger male got off Dominique lap as he laid back, going to take of his joggers when Taymor pushed his hands away.

Taymor pulled Dominique joggers, letting the cold air hit his wet folds, Taymor leaned in licking the male exposed clit as he moaned softly containing in his moans so the guards won't hear.

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