The real burning man and moonknight vs superman

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In the back alley of an abandoned factory in Musutafu City, two patrol cars were parked near the sidewalk as they were getting a distress call about a house fire in the neighborhood. Six police officers and a brown-coat detective were investigating the crime scene. A factory where all fourteen people died in the fire.

"My god... this is a mess." One of the police officers said while covering his mouth as they looked at the charred remains of the victims.

"What happened here?" Tsukauchi asked the coroner whose been examined the remains.

"So far we are only able to identify three of them, the rest have already turned to ashes and their remains couldn't be identified anymore." the coroner explained to the detective.

"The victims' names are Miyamoto Ryo, Asahi Soma, and Kimura Kyoichi. They're 33, 28, and 30 years old. All of the victims are ex-members of the eight precepts of death" the coroner said while examining the body.

"Possible cause of death?" Detective Tsukauchi asked while taking notes from his notepad.

"Well, so far we haven't detected any sort of chemical being used to light the fire. No traces of chemicals or anything in the area." the coroner said.

"Any witness?" Detective asked to hope for some answer

"No eye witness, just a man who looked at the fires two blocks away and started to call a firefighter and a local hero nearby." the officers said.

"Alright, run a DNA scan on the remainder of the victim. See if all of the rest of the victims are also a part of an ex-member of the eight precepts of death." the detective said as he said to the coroner.

"I want a perimeter around the area, look into the CCTV camera in this area, see if we can find our mysterious arsonist. And interview the witness who reports the fire." the detective said as he ordered the rest of the officers.

"Yes sir!!" they said.

"Detective, I think you need to see this." one of the officers said as he pointed to the back of the building. They went there and they looked at the building.

The back of the building is filled with the debris of the remains of the building. It's filled with many broken cinder blocks and bricks. Finally, after arriving at the back of the building, they looked at the phenomenon that was happening in front of their eyes.

"What the..." the Detective was shocked as he looked at the sight in front of his eyes.

"It's the second one, sir.... I think this guy is trying to send a message." the officer said as he looked at the building and pointed it out.

The building is still on fire as the fire has spread to the building and formed a huge fire with the symbol of a dragon there

The building is still on fire as the fire has spread to the building and formed a huge fire with the symbol of a dragon there

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