Izumi and momo training

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Izumi is just coming down from her train, as she is headed toward her grandpa's house in Yamanashi Prefecture. While she walks to his house, she was feeling all kinds of nervous. It's been a long time since she saw her grandpa and she's getting worried with every second. Based on what her father said, he decided to agree to teach her during the internship. But knowing her father, she guesses that he probably harassed him till he's comply.

On one hand, Izumi didn't want to meet his gaze of disappointment because of her action in the past but she needed his guidance to help her to wield One For All. She knows that she wouldn't get far with her current ability and she needed someone that has a lot of experience, so she decided to just go ahead and do it.

She finally arrived and it was still in the same condition as she had last time saw it before. The building itself looks run-down and abandoned. Windows are broken out and pieces of the building are falling off. Above the front door, there is a sign that says "Welcome" that is falling off. The building is also surrounded by tall fences and gates.

She keeps wondering to this day why her grandpa never tried to move out and get a better apartment since he was a retired pro hero. He must have tons of money in his bank account, or perhaps he was saving it for something.

She steeled herself and knock on the door three times but no one answered it. Then she knocks again but a little harder only for no one to open the door. Then she decided to just open the door itself.

Then she walks toward it to find a room with a light on it on her front right. She headed there, hoping that she would see his grandpa or someone who could tell her where he is. But suddenly, she felt an impact on his back, like someone kicked him on her back and she fell to the ground. She grunts in pain wondering who or what is just attacking her. Only to be met with an extremely short, elderly man with heavy wrinkles and a scrawny build.

"So you're the mistake that Yagi had brought huh... and to think that you're the one that he choose to wield that power." Gran Torino said as he looked at her on the ground.

"Ouch, what just happened?" Izumi said as she was trying to get back up.

It's been a long time since she saw her grandpa. He still held that terrifying aura that managed to shake her father down to the core and now she felt the same terrifying feeling as well.

"What happened is that you weren't focused. If you're the one that Yagi had chosen then he must have set the bar so low, that he allowed a bitch like you to be his successor," he said harshly.

"But since you had that quirk, you need to prove to me how worthy you are to be having that quirk of yours. Your training starts... now," he said as he jumped from the end of the room to the next in the flash.

It's been a long time since she saw her grandpa quirk and it still brought her amazement. As expected from the retired pro hero, Gran Torino who is also known as the fastest hero in his era. She dozed in amazement that he didn't see the kick that came to her face knocking her to the ground one more time.

"Focus, you bitch" he said as he continued to zoom in.

"Urgh, this is gonna hurt a lot," she said as she powered up One for All and tried to land a hit on him, only for him to zoom in and go around her.

He's too fast." she thought as she couldn't keep up with his speed.

While she was trying to land a hit on him, he quickly maneuvered and landed another kick on her side, and jumps back to the side. He quickly changed from moving around and attacking in an instant and that irritates her.

She tried to capture her grandpa with her telekinesis but proved to be ineffective since he was moving at an incredible pace and her eyes couldn't keep up with her movement.

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