Going mental and training continue

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To describe Katsuki's current mood as pissed would be an understanding. He's currently sitting in a chair while his hair is being groomed by the number four hero.

How does he get himself to be in this predicament?

It started when he entered the agency and he was greeted by the number four hero himself. He walked straight to the agency acting like he owned the place. Then the hero asked if he was Katsuki Bakugou. And naturally, he said yes and added that he's currently looking at the next number-one hero.

Best Jeanist looked at the boy with an unamused look before he asked him why he wanted to be a hero in the first place. And Katsuki answered that he wanted to be the best. Then he looked at the boy thinking that his answer was too shallow. He began to explain why UA is sending him personally to his agency, saying that he has an attitude problem and he was there to fix that.

But Katsuki declared loudly that he had no problem, saying that it was nothing but bullshit that his teacher talked about which he didn't believe at all. Saying that in the last five minutes since he arrived, he shows a massive ego that needs to be trimmed. Suddenly Katsuki gets restrained by the number four hero when they first meet and the latter lectures him about his attitude problem.

Then after he finished his lecture, he was taken by Best Jeanist out on patrol. Best Jeanist asks him why Heroes need to patrol the streets. Katsuki says it's because they can beat up criminals as soon as they see them. Then he sigh in defeat while correcting him by stating heroes need to make their presence known to civilians to keep them feel safe, but Katsuki ignored it saying that it wasn't his job.

While in patrol, Katsuki is confronted by a few kids who saw his performance at the Sports Festival and he scares them away with his anger and yelling. Best Jeanist watches in disappointment with his actions saying that clearly, he lacks the manner.

This brings him to this situation, as he styles Katsuki's hair similarly to his own. He explains to the young man that he must present himself as a proper hero and can't just lash out at civilians just like his previous action with the children. He needs to show some restraint and present himself as elegant in his way of speaking.

After that was done, he decided to go to his room that's been provided by Best Jeanist. He clearly didn't enjoy this at all. He didn't have the chance to beat up any villain or get into the action. Katsuki slammed his door shut after he was done being lectured by Best Jeanist about the importance of being a hero. He went inside and turned on the light. This internship seems to be getting worse and worse every minute.

"So how was your day Mutt?" someone asked him.

Katsuki who heard that immediately jumped out, only to be met with Khonshu who was sitting on his bed.

"The hell, get out of my room!!" Katsuki said as he threw his book at him only for him to avoid it.

"Okay okay calm down mutt here take this" Khonshu said as he throw a doggy biscuit at him.

"You better get out right now!" Katsuki grunts in anger.

"What's wrong Kacchan? Feeling embarrassed? Not that I just saw you playing dress-up down there. Not to worry I am not that type of person who stalk to others private life." Deku said while snickering at him.

"If you don't leave right now, I..." Katsuki yelled as he crack his explosion into his palm.

"Or what you are going to kill us mutt" Khonshu said as deku was laughing there.

"You know, We don't find your empty threats like nothing , seeing that you were all bark and no bite," Deku said as he starts toying around with him.

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