Lida and the burning man

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As for izumi we see 

"Alright now that we've covered the basics, we're gonna move to patrol. We're headed to Hosu for your first patrol routine." Gran Torino explained.

"Alright then." she groaned as she struggle to get up.

"Hurry up, and wear your costume," he said as he walks out, leaving her behind.

Then she catches up with him at the door after five minutes to change her costume. It was a green full-body jumpsuit with a red belt and a pair of gloves along with her red booth. He looked at the costume for a while then turned around and asked her a question.

Izumi was confused at first by his question then she began to understand what's he talking about while looking down.

"N-no it's my brother. I want to wear it in honoring his name," she answered his question then he just continued to walk without giving her a response.

Soon they headed towards the train station to head to Hosu City. Gran Torino went to the ticket booth to buy both of their tickets and they headed straight to their train. Izumi sat on her train to Hosu with Gran Torino while the latter choose to stand.

On the train, Izumi asked Gran Torino that are they will arrive at night, to which Gran Torino replies that they will, explaining that many villains appear at night and thus she will be able to get experience more easily.

Izumi finally mastered a new way for her to use her quirk, she develop a new technique called Full Cowl that allowed her to spread One For All at her body instead focused on a single point. She already felt powerful and her progress with One for All had gone further than before as she was able to use 20% of her power.

As she was in her thought, she grabbed her phone and tried to text Iida saying that she was headed to Hosu and hoping that they could meet during patrol. But he didn't answer her text at all. Usually, it took him only three seconds to answer a text, but he didn't even read her text.

Ever since she learned that he's headed to Hosu for his internship, she's getting worried that maybe he's after the Hero Killer Stain to avenge his brother. She's praying that he didn't go on that path.

She looked at her phone and there was a notification coming from her chat app, she opened it and saw a chat.

???: How's your internship?

 She looked at the text and smiled for a bit and replied,

Izumi: Harsh, what about you?

???: Same. But we're headed for a patrol in Hosu.

Izumi: Cool, let's meet up there.

She was so deep in her thought that she barely heard one of the passengers yell at the train.

"Hey look! That building over there exploded!" one of the passengers said.

Suddenly, the train experiences an emergency stop and a pro-hero comes crashing into the train, much to Izumi's and Gran Torino's shock. Izumi immediately looked out the window only to see the part of the city set ablaze, but then they saw a giant creature with wings fly out of the fire and headed straight for them.

"Everyone get back." Gran Torino yelled.

Then all of the sudden, the side of the train car was ripped apart by a giant gray Nomu. The Nomu roared as it looked at the passenger, only for it to be immediately launched off of the train by Gran Torino.

"Yagi, stay put, you hear me?!" he said out loud then jumped out of the train into the city.

But instead of listening to the pro hero she got away and ignored gran torino orders like a ripoff johnny bravo and went straight toward the city. She began to power up One For All and her Telekinesis to fly straight over to the city. She flies off into the city, shooting through the streets like a bullet.

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