Deal With A God

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Toshinori stood in the middle of the room while staring at his son who just asked him the same question that he asked a year ago. And just like last time, he couldn't provide the answer that he wanted to hear. The wielder of One For All took a moment took to think of what his son had just spoken and he felt that he already let his son down for a long time and simply he just refused to face the harsh reality.

His wife came and grabbed his shoulder while calling out his name over and over again but he simply didn't respond as his mind was in a different place than his body. His hand was shaking as he stood by looking in the mirror with his eyes as wide as fish. Tears spilled from his eyes as he kept muttering the word sorry repeatedly.

He keeps repeating the word while thinking that everything that's happening to his son is all because of him. If he simply just be a better father and treat him right then none of this would have happened. He's the reason why his son has become this.

Then suddenly Toshinori lost his balance, and his body dropped like a doll without a string attached. And quickly he fainted because of the stress that was building inside his head.





Izuku stared at toshinori with his fist still on the place where he hit the window while looking at the unconscious body of toshinori, but on the other side of the window, all of them were looking scared. The silence and the stillness of the interrogation room were broken only by the occasional ticking sound of a clock. If their surroundings could have reflected the feelings inside Izuku, the pictures would have been screaming in pain and painted with darkness.

Aizawa who saw Izuku's sudden outburst began to grab Izuku's shoulder. He guided him back to his chair while handing him a glass of water, which he took aggressively. Normally Aizawa wouldn't allow that kind of behavior passed him but considering that Izuku just easily break the handcuff that was supposed to restrain his quirk makes he thinks about his next words carefully.

As izuku took a sip of water as he calmed down and said to them

"Wanted to hear some music" He asked shocking everyone

"Well why not but we don't have an instruments" Tsukauchi informed.

"You don't need to worry about that" Izuku said as he shadow teleported his expensive violin

"You don't need to worry about that" Izuku said as he shadow teleported his expensive violin

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As izuku did a few adjustments on his violin as he started the music

Years ago, when I was younger

I kinda liked a girl I knew

She was mine and we were sweethearts

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