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Two weeks passed since the USJ has taken place and class 1A was ready to get back to their school once more. After they visited the cemetery a couple of days ago, Momo has finally been able to overcome her fear and managed to get back to her usual self. It still a works in progress, but she is finally able to get her life back together. They were having a normal chat in class as they were curious about what they would be doing after the whole USJ fiasco thing.

Suddenly the door was opened and Aizawa set foot in the classroom, everyone quickly went back to their seats and stopped talking.

"Good, you are starting to learn," Aizawa said under his breath.

"First of all, it's been two weeks since the whole USJ fiasco and I'm here to tell you that your fight isn't over yet," Aizawa explained.

The rest of the class was suddenly holding their breath and in fear as Aizawa held a neutral expression. Aizawa who looked at the rest of the class's reaction began to explain.

"The sports festival is coming up," Aizawa said in a monotone voice.

"IT'S A NORMAL SCHOOL EVENT" the class shouted in excitement.

"Aizawa sensei is it really a wise decision for UA to hold the sports festival after our school is being attacked by villains." Iida declared loudly while raising his hand.

"We couldn't shut the festival even if we wanted to. The Sports Festival is something that's been held every year, it's one of UA culture. Not only it's a festival, but a chance for all of you to be scouted by the pro to see your potential. Not to mention, it's also to assure the public to saw the new and upcoming heroes." Aizawa explained to the class.

"The sports festival is going to be held two weeks from today so you have plenty of time to prepare. We've also added security to the stadium in case the villain ever is gonna attack. If we shut the festival down, we'll end up telling the villains that we're afraid of some random attack." Aizawa explains nonchalantly.

"Now that the classes are over, you have the rest of the day off. The class was dismissed for today and all students had access to the school gym for your training. Feel free to do your training with whoever you want." Aizawa said as he left the classroom immediately.

As soon as their teacher went out, everyone began to pack their bags quickly as they went out to prepare for the sports festival, as they couldn't pass up such an opportunity to get scouted by pro heroes.





Today is the day of the UA Sports Festival. The stadium was packed with many audiences from civilians and pro heroes that were dying to see it in action. Most of the heroes that came today were scouting for a promising intern for their agency in the future.

As for the students themself, they were waiting in the waiting room preparing for their names to be called by the announcers to head to the arena. We can see Class 1A waiting in their waiting room as they began to get nervous since most people are gonna watch their performance there.

Some of them were sitting on the bench calmly to focus on the task that was coming, the others were laying their backs on the wall waiting for their names to be called, and the others were shaking their legs out.

"Alright everyone, let's go out there and do our best," Kirishima declared loudly as he raised his fist.

"YEAH!!" all of them yelled and raised their fist together except for one person.

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