Moonknight vs endeavour and momo training

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Izumi, who saw the destruction in front of her eyes, was beginning to lose hope as she just watched most of the pros on the ground being defeated. But the worst part is that she just saw a man being turned into a metallic glass statue.

Most of the reporters began to tremble in fear as they saw this event happening in front of their eyes. They want to make a comment or reported the scene that unfolds in front of their eyes, but none of them could form any action.

He's still standing near the pro hero starING down at the statue. The rest of the pros that were joined in the battle were terrified as they saw one of their own being turned into a science project. They were scared that they might be next.

Soon he turned his head towards the crowd filled with reporters while staring at them and that's all that it took to place them in panic. People began to yell and scream in fear as they were trying to get away from the devil.

He was just about to chase them down, but a sudden burst of flame erupt at his side. He didn't see where the attack came from, so he activated his forcefield because of the sudden attack.

Only for the number two hero Endeavour to starring right at him while hovering in the air. The flame hero saw the destruction that happened in front of his eyes and he couldn't believe his eye. The destruction that happened here, the pro heroes who are getting hurt, her children's classmate that was injured, and a metallic statue that he presumed a pro hero.

He watched the culprit getting back up from his last attack as he saw Endeavor with a menacing look. Then suddenly, Moonknight caught the punch from his side by Death Arms as he managed  to swoop in without him noticing.

Then moonknight broke his arm and punched him to the face as death arms screamed in pain and not feeling his arms.

"So you're the famous moonknight that I've heard about. You will pay for your crimes." Endeavour said as he crack both of his knuckles.

Soon Kamui Woods and Mt Lady were following from behind as they saw the battle that was in front of them. He thought that his punch would be enough but he had broken death arms hand and knocked him unconscious over there.

"He was able to withstand my fire and Death Arms punches without sustaining any damage? His body must be well enforced." he thought while hovering in the air looking at the Burning Man intimidatingly.

Endeavor who saw this event began to take command immediately before the situation began to escalate even further.

As they saw death arms waking up as endeavour said

"Kamui Woods, evacuate the civilians and the pro hero in the middle at once. Mt Lady, Death Arms form a perimeter and make sure to keep the citizen safe. And someone takes those injured kids away from here." Endeavor commands while preparing for a fight.

"What? You're not gonna put me on the sideline." Mt Lady complained while she saw the flame hero take charge of the situation.

"Yu, we should do what he said." Death Arms said as he got back from the scene.

"But.." she wants to argue with the decision.

"I can tell just by his beating before... That guy is dangerous. Let's leave this to Endeavor." he said as he saw his hand get slightly burned.

Mt Lady wants to argue but watching his two senior decision decided to comply and get the citizen away from there.

Endeavor who saw his opponent getting back up began to radiate an amount of heat. He heard from his friend Tsukauchi saying that he's the wanted arsonist who's been responsible for the death of many gang members. Sure, his action was heroic, but what he did was vigilantism and he needs to bring him to justice. That's what he thought before.

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