The Hero, The Villian, and The Devil

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Izuku rushed towards All Might's direction with his Weapons readying in his hands. He looked at All Might who was still in shock from the revelation that just happened. His son was alive all this time and he's coming for him. He can't imagine how many nights he spends all this year staring at his room thinking how much of a failure he was as a hero and a father. And now his son is coming for him and probably his wife and daughter. Tears began to slip from his eyes as he tried to stop his son from coming after him.

The riot squad who saw him coming their way began to stand in front of All Might front trying to block his way readying their shields.

"This is all that stands between me and him, a half dozen of government pigs?" he marched towards them and put both of his hands on their body and suddenly they're being blown back by the impact from his Punch.

"What the?" Kamui Woods watched in bewilderment.

And during the outbreak, Shigaraki began to lose his cool every second, as he was getting angry with each moment seeing that Moonknight is stealing the show just like the Hosu incident. And suddenly a black liquid began to spring all over the bar and multiple Nomu began to crawl from the portal made from the black liquid.

"What the? I thought Kurogiri was still out cold." Gran Torino asked.

"He's stunned, this is someone else works," Edgeshot claimed.

"Kamui Woods, don't let them go no matter what." All Might yelled and suddenly Bakugou was being swallowed by the liquid along with the rest of the league.

"Young Bakugou!!" All Might tried to grab a hold of him but he was simply too late as he was gone.

"NOOOOO!!!" All Might shouted at the top of his lungs when suddenly he heard multiple officers being blown back by his son again for trying to apprehend him.

"S-son wait." he put his hands trying to stop him.

"Shut up All Might, I don't want to hear it." he run in his direction and yanked his hand from his way.

He shot a wave of Electric hounds headed towards All Might direction and the other heroes, so he jumped in trying to protect the others while facing the attack head-on, "Arggh!!!"

"You don't give a damn about me right!!" he makes a mad dash toward his front with Rocks.

Then with his right hand engulfing his fist with Rocks, he then punches him, causing, aside from sheer blunt damage, damage from the Rocks as well, "Because all you cared about, is the strong!!!"

The punches manage to send him flying in the air from the building a couple of hundred meters. The other heroes on the outside watches as All Might is sent flying from the building just like that, and they wondered what is happening in there. Endeavor who watches from outside looked at the building and saw a man with black flames propelling in the air following All Might's trail.

He recognized the Black streak that was chasing him from Hosu and he knows that it was Moonknight , but why he was here is the main question for him when suddenly multiple Nomu began to come out from the black portal and began to break the perimeter.





Izumi and the rest of them were laying their back on the wall completely terrified and scared watching what transpired in front of their eyes.

"I couldn't turn around. In just a second, we felt completely helpless." Izumi thought as she's starting to tremble along with the others unable to move a single muscle. "This person's aura, it feels like staring at death itself."

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