War ends and muscular vs moonknight

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Meanwhile, Kota is confronted by the masked villain. He is communicated by Mandalay who asks him to return to the facility and apologizes for being unable to help him. The masked villain comments on Kota's stylish hat and wonders if the boy will trade the hat for the mask he despises. However, Kota begins running away as the villain takes off his mask. The villain uses his Quirk to jump in front of Kota. Kota sees the villain's face and becomes shocked. Kota remembers watching the news about the villain who almost murdered his parents, Water Hose. The villain has a simple augmenting strength Quirk and his most defining feature is the deep scar across his left eye left by the Water Hose duo. Kota realizes that the villain in front of him is none other than the villain who tried to murdered his parents. The scarred villain prepares to attack while Kota cries and becomes immobilized from fear.

As kota kept his eyes closed as he got a vision of him and izuku playing together as he shouted

"BIG BROTHER HELP ME" he houted at top pf his lungs.

"Looks like moonknight is not going to come to save you kid say goodbye" He said

As he was going to kill only for someone to stop his hand as he saw who had dared to stop as his grin is not going from his face as he said

"Moonknight so you finally I was itching to have battle with you" He said augumenting muscles all over the body.

"Leave the kid muscular this is between me and you" He said in seriousness.

"Then come and save this kid" He said

"What kid" He asked as muscular saw kota lifted in the air as he asked

"Who are you" He asked

"Call me stargirl. Moonknight finish this" She shouted

"With pleasure" He said

"Come on muscular let me show you how weak and pathetic you are" He said in a challenging tone.

As Muscular charge at him as Moonknight dodge his attacks and hit Muscular in the head with his batons.

 "that was easy come on I thought you said you are the most feared villains" Moonknight said in a mocking manner.

"why you" Muscular said as he got into moonknight trap.

As he then did a black flip as Muscular grab him by as he was about to slam him to the ground Moonknight to spin around and got out of his grip. As he then stun Muscular and then did 25 hit combo and then upper cut him as he said

"You mother fuc-" He tried to say

The words were effectively cut off as moonknight slammed something glass-like into his mouth, retrieved from his utility belt, As Moonknight then launching himself upwards and slamming his knee into the villain's chin, making him bite down and shatter the glass object.

A sickly metallic taste flowed over Muscular's tongue while Moonknight got distance between them again, His weapons trained on the villain while his free hand reached into his utility belt again.

Muscular spat out the bits of glass but for what he had in his mouth, he had swallowed some of it.

"What the fuck... did you make me drink!?" He shouted as he was staring at Moonknight for answers.

The metallic taste wouldn't leave his mouth and the slick feeling of the liquid was making him gag slightly.

Wordlessly, Moonknight held up what looked like the case of a temperature thermometer except the glass bit was missing. Muscular's eyes widened as he realized what happened. That metallic taste.

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