You're Next

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After what happened during the night, the whole of Japan was in a total uproar and anger. The reporters are demanding some form of explanation of whether the story was true or not, although based on the memory and videos that was being displayed to the entire world, it was merely a formality.

The public was enraged after hearing the story of All Might's son, saying that they were at fault for neglecting his son after so long, others were blaming their daughter and her friends for partaking in the bullying and the abuse and questioning about their enrolment in UA in the first place. Others blamed the Aldera teachers and the students for allowing the bullying to happen and their lack of involvement as adults and as teachers.

People of Japan began to lose their faith in the heroes and Government after hearing his declaration, saying that they weren't there to save people but for their selfish desire. Many of them didn't have the same enthusiasm as before when the hero shows up to rescue them in need or while circling the city for patrol. Some of them even show disgust towards them because they thought that they only tried to put on a show.

The internet exploded with the news of Izuku Yagi as many social media channels and news bloggers began to gather information regarding Izuku Yagi's previous life. They finally learned the hardship that he had to endure over the last ten years. Buzzers from across the media also spread their finding on the news, from the news of him being used as a pack mule at the school to cleaning a school toilet using his tongue.

As many protesters had started their protest across the world demanding to change the japan's government and give quirkless a better life as social media has boomed so much that the social networking sites has crashed due to overload of social media.

And the worst part of it is that they can't tell whether the news is fake or not, knowing that his abuse and bullying go such extreme as suicide baiting. So the public believed in most of it. It's the most trending on the internet, since the news of All Might's debut in America.

Reporters keep swarming the Yagi household and other parents since All Might's identity has been revealed as Toshinori Yagi and they were standing in front of their houses gate with reporters and cameras demanding a statement but the Yagi's rejected them saying that they weren't available at this moment as other parents rejected it except Momo's parent as they agreed to tell the truth.

As we see Mr and Mrs Yaoyorozu sitting in a press conference as the reporters are there ready to ask their questions as Mr. Yaoyorozu said


"Well then let's start with the interview you can start asking questions?"

He said as a reporter stand up and asked


"Well sir my question is what is izuku Yagi to you ?"

He asked as Mr. Yaoyorozu sighed and said


He is like a son to me after his father death and my best friend Hisashi midoriya me and my wife has always considered him as our son only, he was a ball of sunshine and his smile that can change anyone mood by seeing him

He told by tearing eye as Reporter nodded and he told another one to start as he said


Well is it true that your daughter was involved in this and you didn't have any knowledge about it ?


Yeah its true that my daughter is involved in it and I am truly ashamed to not to see it soon if me and my wife would have noticed it earlier then he would be here better not becoming the demon of Knight

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