Katsuki bakugo case

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Nezu was always known as the smartest man on the planet. With his quirk high spec, he could solve any problem in front of him. There's no problem or mystery that he couldn't solve. His office is filled with many awards under his name. From the best individual with a high IQ, an intelligence award, or something trivial like being the champion of a chess competition.

But right now, he's facing a predicament that he had to admit that it was quite challenging for the small mammal with a set of suits that possessed a high spec quirk.

He's walking in the hall with his small feet, taking each step as he makes his way toward the meeting room. When he finally makes his way toward the door, he takes a breath for a moment and opened the door and he's met with all of the UA staff.

They're all sitting at their respective table as they're all faced with the current predicament. One that will affect the reputation of their institute, their hero's reputation, and the fate of a young hero.

"All right, let's begin our staff meeting regarding the case of Katsuki Bakugou," he said as he joined his paws together.

In a conference room, all of the teaching staff were sitting at a long table as they came to discuss the fate of a class 1A student known as Katsuki Bakugou. The blond-haired kid has shown villainous behavior during his time at UA and he hasn't shown any sign of remorse or change. This brings them to this situation

In all of Aizawa's life as a teacher, he had never shown hatred toward one of his students as he did with the Bakugou kid. He stared intensely at the case file that was being presented in front of each of the staff. The case contains a series of his record from bullying, physical bullying, mental bullying, cyberbullying, property damage, abuse, physical harm, illegal quirk usage, and his latest case with Best Jeanist intern where he harmed one of the interns and intimidated him with his quirk.

Aizawa looked at the case as if it were a revolting thing and he won't even open the case since he already knows most of the content in it. The case goes down from his case in UA to his illegal act when he was still a preschooler. The fact that the kid still has a place in this school is putting a bad taste in his mouth.

Nezu starts the meeting as he tried to gain the attention of his fellow coworkers.

"Greetings everyone, as you all know, we're here to discuss a case regarding Katsuki Bakugou's placement in UA Hero Course," Nezu said as all of them opened the case in front of them including Aizawa much to his dismay.

"In front of you is a case file regarding the crimes that he's been doing in the last 10 years, and all of the records is there no matter how minor or how long it was. From verbal bullying to a quirk assault that's been kept hidden by the HPSC. But this case is open for you to see to decide his placement in UA."

They all opened the file that was about six inches thick standing in front of them. Other than the teacher that came ten months ago to the Yagi's household who knows about it, they all looked at the case and all of them carefully as they read it. As time goes, they thought about how could someone like him be allowed to enter this school.

"Aizawa, since you're his homeroom teacher I think you should be allowed to speak your opinion first regarding the boy himself since you saw him on a daily basis," Nezu said as he looked at Aizawa.

"There's nothing to talk about Nezu, we all have seen his behavior ever since he took the Quirk Assessment test on the first day. He has shown rash behavior and had a temperamental attitude and that's me putting it mildly. In my personal opinion as his homeroom teacher, I think he should be expelled from this school immediately and be blacklisted to all hero school." Aizawa said which is shocking some of his coworkers with his decision.

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