Story of origin

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Izuku and hizashi is being carried to a  room in quirk-canceling cuffs that were attached to there wrists and ankles. The ones on his wrists are connected to a heavy chain that's planted on a desk in the table in front of them, while the ones around his ankles are connected to a longer chain to allow them to walk freely. The cuff itself was a special grade by the Hero Commission to cancel their quirk no matter how powerful it was.

He was sitting in the room wearing his Mr.knight attire which consist of a three piece white suit and a mask covering his face as hizashi was sitting in civilian clothes as he had surrendered himself after knowing the truth as he wanted to reunite with his son and wanted to make him know that he is there for him.

Izuku and hizashi are sitting in a dark room that had no windows except two chairs in front of him and a one-way mirror. He looked at the walls and roof, noticing that the entire room is painted black because the room only had one single hanging light as izuku white suit is shining in it.

After sitting there for a while, the door finally opened revealing Detective Tsukauchi along with a tall man with an undercut hairstyle, he dressed in business attire, grey suits, white shirts, and grey tie. Both of them sat across the table from him and put a thick folder and a recorder on the table. The tall man turned the recording and opened the folder while reading its content.

"All right, let's begin. The suspects name is Izuku Yagi also known as Moonknight or Mr.knight. Date of Birth 15 July 2175, age 14 years old, son of Toshinori Yagi and Inko Yagi, living in Musutafu." the man read while Izuku stopped him and said

"My name is midoriya not yagi understood" He said as the person nodded in fear as he continued

"The next suspect name is Hisashi midoriya also known as the burning man. Date of Birth 21 sept 2155, age 28 years old, Father of izuku midoriya and Ex- husband of inko yagi, living in mustafu." The man read as hisashi rolled his eyes in bored manner.

"Started his crime eleven months ago killing two gang members in Apartement in Chiba Prefecture..." and he started to list all the crimes that they both had committed in the last year from minor crimes to major ones, and after he was done reading the files, he throws it right in front of Izuku's and hisashi desk while looking at them.

"So is there anything you wanted to add?" he looked at both of them with a serious expression with a hint of smugness.

However Izuku simply stared at him looking bored, "I'm sorry, who are you?"

"My name is none of your concern," he said.

"Okay Mr, none of your concern. Let's get to the point and act like civilized people and not like some idiot person who tried to show his superiority." he smugly said, the man in front of him rise from his chair in anger but Tsukauchi hold him in his desk.

As hizashi was laughing there as he enjoyed his son roasting the person in front of him as he is enjoying it for the first time.

"He's name is Takashi Akabane. He's the representative of the Hero Commission board. And we know about your identity Izuku." Tsukauchi told him.

"Well, that's quite exhilarating considering my existence is being deleted like an old memory in the world by him and the so called hero commission," Izuku answered.

"Do you know, word of the streets said that they called both of you the Demon of Musutafu and the demon of the night," Tsukauchi informed.

"Demon of Musutafu.... a fitting name. If you don't mind, I'll use that." Hizashi said as he looked at the detective liking the nickname.

"Well I prefer Moonknight only" Izuku said not liking the nickname.

"Look both of you, I don't know what's both of your problem but I don't think that you've been giving us respect, considering we hold both of your entire fate at our palm," Takashi said arrogantly.

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