Internship began and hosu city

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It's been over a week since the Sports Festival was over and the rest of the class is starting to get back to normal. During the break after the Sports Festival, class 1A is recognized as the class that was dominating the Sports Festival since almost all of the class is able to head to the third event of the festival.

People began to ask for their picture and their autograph. Some of them called out to them, or else waved, clearly eager to show that they, like the news, had decided they were something of a hero of the next generation. Class 1A began to talk with each other and when they heard the door is opened, they see their teacher walking to the podium carrying a file on his arm.

"Alright sit down all of you." Aizawa entered the room and the students began to scramble and headed to their seats.

"Today we won't be having a class but we're gonna discuss your performance at the Sports Festival, but before that, I have an announcement," Aizawa said and the student began to give him undivided attention.

"Yaoyorozu" Aizawa called out her name and she just looked up while getting scared that her name was being called out.

"Good job on beating these mutt Yaoyorozu he needed it more than anyone else" he said while pointing at the mutt-I mean katsuki whose is grunting behind the class as he can't speak properly because of jaw been broken.

"I was enjoying his scream a lot and personally I have recorded it and make it my personal ringtone" he said smiling and all of them are scared of these when suddenly Aizawa phone rang up and they heard katsuki screams as his ringtone.

"Sorry, I have to take it" he said as he left the class for few minutes as others were thinking the same thing

'Momo is scary' All of them thought.

As they all started talking to each other and after 2 minutes Aizawa came and said

"SILENCE" he shouted

"Now that's over, we could finally discuss the important matter. As you all know, the Sports Festival is a stage for young heroes such as yourself to attract pro heroes for their internship program, and here are the number of heroes that want to have you as their intern," Aizawa said as he pressed a button and a large screen appeared showing the result.

Izumi Yagi 4.582

Momo Yaoyorozu 3.509

Katsumi Bakugou 2.204

Shoto Todoroki 1.797

Shoka Todoroki 1.024

 Fumikage Tokoyami 920

Ochaco Uraraka 592

Kaminari Denki 273

Mashirao Ojiro 118

Katsuki Bakugo 0

"Wow, look at Izumi's number, is that real?" Kaminari said while looking at the number in amazement.

"Well considering that she's the winner it's pretty obvious that she's the obvious choice for the pro," Tokoyami said while nodding.

Mina who saw her friend's number of requests is the highest began to tease her, "Wow, looks like you become a hot commodity huh."

"Huh, who knew?" Katsumi said while smirking looking at her brother who got no interships because of his stunt in the sports festival.

"Why is there is no number on my name and how the hell did these fucking pikachu got more internships than me? This is bullshit." Katsuki was angered by the number.

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