Training continues and Moonknight vs justice league

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- Elsewhere : Arkham Jet -

Katsuki and Slade were in one of the Arkham Jets making their way through southwestern China. Katsuki was told about taking trip but Slade didn't specify where and that he needed a master, his Sensei's master. "Tell me Katsuki, what do you think of the Arkham Knights?" Slade asked while keeping his eyes fixed forward.

Katsuki was standing behind his father while he piloted the jet, "You said you guys help keep the world in a state of balance but also providing a lot good like heroes with little to no jurisdiction on who you answer the first thing that comes to mind is a vigilante of the sort."

Slade chuckled at his student's response, he could understand the similarities between him and a vigilante. "True in a sense Katsuki but not quite."

"How so?" Katsuki prodded, he wanted to know if there was such a difference and what it was.

"You see Katsuki, all those in the Arkham Knights have one thing in common." Slade commented. Katsuki stood by quietly, patiently waiting to hear what his sensei had to say. "We all share the hatred for evil. We wish to serve true justice to this cruel and beautiful world. A vigilante is just a man lost in the scramble of his own gratification. He can be destroyed, locked up. But if you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal and if they can't stop you, you become something else entirely..."

"Which is?" Katsuki asked, he was intrigued about what his father was saying and he had taken everything that was said to heart. He was beginning to understand the fundamentals of the being an Arkham Knight.

"A legend Katsuki." Slade smirked saying this looking up at his student.

A legend..... those words rang throughout Katsuki's mind, he was brought back to his senses with he what saw. "I recognize this geography from school, we're near the base of the Himalayas." Katuki remarked as he looking out through the cockpit window while Slade piloted the aircraft.

"Correct Katsuki, I see your mind is still sharp as ever. Good, because this where you depart." Slade declared as he pressed some buttons on the control panel engaging the autopilot and stabilizing the jet in place. This got Katsuki in a puzzled state at his Sensei's words. Slade got up from where he sat and ushered Katsuki to follow him to the back of the plane. He pulled down a latch allowing the rear hatch to open up. The cold crisp air came rushing in.

As Katsuki followed he spoke up trying to gain some footing at his father's earlier statement, "What do you mean this where I leave, I thought WE were going together. Not to mention we're still a couple hundred feet in the air from the ground Sensei." Katsuki was concerned but he knew his Sensei's actions always had meaning to them, so he had trust him.

Slade handed an over the shoulder backpack with some food rations and some water along with an insulated jacket to Katsuki, "Katsuki when we first started your training and you kept hitting the mat in defeat during our spars. What did I say to you then?"

After grabbing the pack and jacket Katsuki exclaimed while remembering his sessions with his Sensei, "Why do we fall, so we can learn to pick ourselves up."

"Yes Katsuki, so I need you keep that in the back of your head for what's next in your training." Slade declared while tapping the side of Katsuki's head. "There's a rare blue flower that blooms along the eastern slopes. Your task is to bring one to the mountaintop and there you'll start the next path on your journey. I'll be back when your training is done, good luck Katsuki." And those final words Slade pushed with little effort Katsuki out of the plane.

Before Katsuki could get another word in he was free falling towards the ground, Katsuki quickly adjusted himself and got ready to brace himself for the impact. After the snow and dust cleared Katsuki was in a generic superhero landing pose. Katsuki patted down his clothes to clean himself off, afterwards he glanced up at the sky and saw his Sensei's jet take off. "Well I guess this where we depart for now isn't it Sensei, till then see ya later." Katsuki commented while waving in the direction of his sensei.

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