Training camp

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As we see mustafu city it is raining as momo is standing there in the rain with a bouquet of flowers in her suit as she put the flowers and prayed to the tombstone As she stands up and check her phone from his coat pocket. As she scrolls to find a photo there. A photo of the last time she hang out with her best friend when she was little.

 A photo of the last time she hang out with her best friend when she was little

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It was one of the last photos that she had. She remembers it just like yesterday when both of them were playing in the backyard of her mansion and they were chasing around playing hide and seek and her mother took a picture of her being chased by Izuku.

She missed those smiles and whenever she want to remember him, she comes here with a bouquet and looked at the picture to remind her about him.

"It's been a while Izuku.... I miss you..." she stared at the name of the grave.

"I just want to say that I'm not gonna come here for a few days. I'm having this training camp in the woods," she said to the stones and just like any other day, she get no reply.

"Anyway, I'll come back in a few days. Just want to come here in case you get lonely." she said as she cryed for him over there as she left to find a place to change here clothes before heading to U.A.





The next day, back at UA, the class started to get ready for their summer camp, almost everyone in the class passes the exam except Mina, Kirishima, Sato, Kaminari, and Sero. The class started to head to the bus with Iida leading the class to the buses, in an orderly fashion much to the class's dismay saying that it wasn't that kinda bus. So the class was sitting in their own place.

The travel itself was pretty smooth except for Aizawa who was trying to sleep while the rest of his students is chatting loudly. The class continues to talk about the exam and gossip among each other, some of them are sitting while playing with their phone, and others prefer to just sleep till they arrived.

One hour later, the bus came to stop saying that they arrived and instructed them to get out. But they didn't see the training camp filled with instructors or a campsite with training equipment or even a welcoming entrance, instead, they were standing in the middle of nowhere near a cliff.

"Where are we?" Izumi looked around to find an empty field.

"This isn't the place right?" Katsumi said who was also confused.

"Who cares, at least we could stretch our legs for a while," Mina said while stretching her legs with Kaminari and Sero.

As the student came down from the bus, they began to stretch their legs and enjoy the view as well. The smell of the mountain air and the forest near the cliff is enough to calm their distracted mind for a while.

"We've stopped here for a reason," Aizawa explained while waiting for someone. "They should be here soon."

They kept looking around while enjoying the view when suddenly five people figures appear in front of them. As two of them introduced themself.

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