Internship ends and momo final test

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Izumi slowly opened her eyes to see a white ceiling and a dull pain sensation in her legs. She was lying in a remarkably warm and comfortable bed with many flowers and a get well soon card decorated on her side of the bed. She raised her head awkwardly. There on his left was a familiar bespectacled person.

"Glad to see you wake up Izumi," Iida said as he tried to brighten the mood.

She blinked and looked around. She tried to remember what was happening to her. A Nomu crashed on her trail, she's heading towards Hozu, the Nomu attacking the city, the Hero Killer.

Then suddenly, Izumi jumped out of her bed but she was in too much pain to wake up as she groan in her bed.

"You were passed out, at least that was what the nurses said to me. They say that we were brought from Hosu to get checked up then you were hurt pretty bad. But they say that we need to stay overnight." Iida explained.

"What happened at Hosu? Where's Gran Torino? And where's is moonknight and the burning man?" she asked impatiently.

However, Iida couldn't find the answer to her question as he just sit in silence on his bed while looking at the white sheet that covers his body. Izumi who saw this began to question what was happening as she was getting frustrated.

"Iida, what's going on?" Izumi asked quietly and judging by her expression she wanted an answer.

But the door of their room was opened, and we could see five individuals standing at the door.

There's Gran Torino with his short figure while walking with his wooden cane and his head being wrapped by a bandage. Manual in his costume while looking at Iida with a sour face, A dog man wearing a suit and a tie looking at both of them, Detective Tsukauchi who's wearing his signature brown trench coat along with his hat, and a woman who's at her twenty with a long Red hair tied to a ponytail, wearing a blue blazer while carrying a notebook at her hand.

"I think it's best that we take it from here," Manual looked at Iida while he comply with his mentor.

Then Gran Torino walked over to Izumi and grabbed his cane and smack Izumi in her head over and over again. Despite his sort figure, Gran Torino still held an intimidating aura that could terrify most people.

"You had one job, and that's to stay put at that goddamn train. And then you went around to look for the Hero Killer, you're a bigger fool than I realized," he smack her in the head.

"Now as much I would like to continue beating the hell out of you, Mr. Tsuragamae here had something to say to both of you." Gran Torino said while going back to where the others stood.

The dog man walked towards both of them as he stood tall with his hand behind his back. He took a moment to look at both of them before he said his word.

"So you two were present when the Hero Killer showed up?" he asked with a calm voice.

Then both of them perked up remembering their encounter with the Hero Killer in the alley, where Izumi had a fight with him and she lost. And Iida was blinded by his revenge and went after him, only for the Hero Killer to swoop in and take him out in the instance.

"We found one  remains and one unconscious in the alley where both of you had a quarrel with him. One of them is Stain and the other is from a pro hero named Native. I know this isn't the right time but we need to ask a few questions, regarding the death of the Hero Killer." he asked Izumi and Iida.

Then both of them nodded in agreement and looked at the detective knowing that he would ask the question but the lady standing next to the detective decided to interrupt them.

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