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Chapter Twelve

To say I was terrified would be a complete understatement.

          It was Wednesday–the day I would actually begin working. Logan wouldn't be the one who did all the work while I'd just stand behind him anymore. It was all me this time. And it was scary as hell.

          As I arrived at the restaurant, I wove my way through all the tables, trying to get into the kitchen. I tried not to make eye contact with anyone because if I did I would most likely end up turning back around and going straight home.

          I pushed through the double doors and walked in. I went over to the left side of the kitchen where there were built-in shelves so you could store all your belongings in. I placed my bag in one of the middle shelves before grabbing an apron. All the waiters and waitresses were required to wear one to have a place to put your notepad, straws and napkins in. I tied the first set of straps loosely around my neck and the others around my waist.

          I stared at the shelves for a minute and focused on tried to relax.

          Come on, Lauren, there's nothing to be scared of. You've done this before. They're just people. They won't know your secrets just by looking at you.

          I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I turned around ready to face my fears but came face to chest with someone and stumbled back, banging my head on one of the shelves. I heard a gasp and an are you okay? and immediately recognized that it was Logan.

Wincing, I grabbed the back of my head. "Ow."

          "Im so sorry, I thought you heard me walk in!" Logan explained. "Are you okay?"

          "Actually," I began with my hand on my head, "I probably hurt myself, so I should probably, you know, go to the doctor to check it out—"

          "Actually," Logan grabbed me by the shoulders when I tried to inch away. "I think you'll be okay."

           I looked at Logan for another excuse and then glanced at the door and sighed defeatedly.

          "I'm scared." I admitted.

          It was embarrassing being scared of people. That's what really was wrong. I was scared of people and the way they could be.

          The corners of Logan's lips tugged upwards, offering me a small smile. "You'll be fine. Just remember everything we went over. I know you can do it."

          I nodded, looking up at him. "Thanks."

          "Now go be a waitress." He nodded to the double doors and grinned. I gave him a weak smile and stepped away from him.

          Today I had tables three, eight, fifteen, and twenty-three. I walked past the doors, my eyes scanning for my tables, looking to see if anyone was sitting in them. Table eight had a young couple, no older than me. I exhaled quickly and reluctantly began walking towards them. Logan's words swirled in my head.

          Smile. Eye contact. Introduce yourself. Be nice. Be friendly.

          I repeated those steps as I approached the table, and the couple finally looked up. I felt my breath hitch.

          I glanced back and saw Logan from the kitchen window. He sent me an encouraging smile and nodded.

          I turned back to the couple and forced the tiniest of smiles onto my lips.

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