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Chapter Thirty-Three

"I have nothing to wear." I shrugged in defeat. I stood at the edge of my bed, where half my closet lied messily. I'd been searching for something to wear for the past twenty minutes, and I was quickly losing my patience.

Emmie appeared at my door and strolled into my room. Taking in the mess I had made, she raised her eyebrows in amusement. Her eyes flickered over to me and she chuckled.

"Honey," she said, walking towards me and grabbing me by my shoulders, "We're just going to the Williams' house, not to meet the president."

I glared at her playfully, lifting my hands up to remove hers from my shoulders. "I know," I said as I walked to my closet. I leaned on the doorframe, examining the clothes that were still hung up. "I just don't know what to wear."

She walked into my closet and looked at the dresses that were pushed to the very corner. After examining all of them, she pulled out the one my mother had given me for my fourteenth birthday but had been too big for me at the time. I never tried it on again, but I always kept it there in my closet, for sentimental purposes I supposed.

"This one." She said with a small smile. She turned to me and walked closer to place it in my hands. I held onto it gently as if it was the most valuable treasure.

"This one?" I asked uncertainly. I didn't want to wear it only because it had so much meaning – since it was the last birthday gift I received from my mom.

Emmie nodded and nudged me towards the restroom. "Go try it on."

I closed the door behind me, and stared down at the dress. I blinked, snapping out of whatever trance I was in and began stripping from my clothes. I pulled the dress over my head and pushed my arms through the sleeve openings. I turned to look in the mirror.

The dress wasn't at all girly. My mother knew I wasn't into sparkly, colorful things, much less clothes. As I examined myself in the mirror, I realized how perfect it was. It was all black, with sleeves that came down to my forearms. The top fit nicely and at the waist it flowed down to my knees.

It was perfect.

I opened the door and emerged from the restroom with a small smile on my face. Emmie looked up from where she sat on my bed and her face lit up with a smile. "Oh, it looks great!"


"Of course." She said with a reassuring smile. "Plus, I'm sure Logan will love it, too."

I smacked her on the arm playfully. "Shut up." She laughed, and I couldn't help myself from letting out my own laughter.

I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her tight. I could tell this took her by surprise, but nevertheless hugged me back.

"I love you, Emmie."

"I love you, too, dear."

We stood there, hugging each other for a few seconds, until the chime of the doorbell rang throughout the house. I pulled away, grabbing Emmie's hand in mine.

"Come on," I said with a smile on my face and pulled her along with me.

"Who is that?" Emmie asked in confusion.

"You'll see," I replied, smiling widely to myself. We skipped down the stairs and walked to the door where Faith stood on the other side – who also didn't remember Emmie was here.

I pulled the door open and when Faith's eyes landed on Emmie, her eyes widened and she broke out into a wide grin. "Oh, my god, Emmie!"

Emmie gasped and quickly stepped forward to hug my friend. "Faith! I didn't know you were coming!" Emmie pulled away from their embrace and took Faith's face in her hands. "Oh, you are so much more beautiful in person!"

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