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a/n: one or two more chapters left guys! and then an epilogue, of course. I'll save my sappy speech for later, but I hope you guys like these last chapters and thank you guys so much for reading all the way through. I love you guys :')

happy reading!... or maybe not.

Chapter Forty-Seven

Walking up the driveway with three plastic bags full of candy, popcorn, and chocolates in my hands, I felt more nervous than ever. Glancing up at Logan's bedroom and the light shining through the blinds, I took a deep breath and approached the front door.

I lifted a hand to the door but couldn't bring myself to knock. Exhaling, I dropped my hand and paced back and forth as I struggled to get myself together.

"You can do this, Lauren." I whispered to myself. "You can do this."

Stopping to face the door and without thinking twice, I knocked, but just as my knuckles touched the brown wood, the door cracked open. Frowning when no one came out, I pushed it open and cautiously walked into the house.

"Logan?" I called while I used my hip to close the door.

The lights were off in the kitchen and living room, but the light coming from Logan's room illuminated the staircase. I heard movement and skipped up to the second floor.

"Logan?" I started, just steps away from his room. "Look, I'm really sorry for how things went earlier, but I really think—"

My breath hitched as I stepped into the doorway. I felt the bags slip from my fingers, and as if in slow-motion, I felt my whole world come crashing down.


          Ripping my eyes from the test in front of me, I glanced over at Logan from across the classroom. He was studying the test on his desk intently as he bit down on the cap of his pen in concentration. I glanced down at my own paper and tried to focus but found myself reading the same sentence I'd read three times in a row now. I lifted my gaze to Logan again and this time I saw him look over his shoulder and grin and wink at me flirtatiously. I smiled weakly, and when he turned back around, I dropped my head onto my desk.

         "Hi," I said when Logan's father answered the phone two weeks ago. "I'm Lauren—your son's girlfriend."

There had been a slight pause, in which I'm sure he wondered if he had heard me right.

         "Oh," Richard began, clearly taken back, and chuckled awkwardly. "Wow, hi. It's nice to...hear you. You're Logan's girlfriend?"

          "Yes, sir." I swallowed nervously. I couldn't believe I was doing this.

          "Well, uh," he paused, "what can I help you with?"

"Mr. Williams, I—"

"Oh, no, please–it's Richard."

          "Richard," I mumbled nervously. "I know of your situation with Logan, and because I don't want him to regret not having you in his life, I have an idea if you're willing to hear it."

          He agreed instantaneously like I thought he would, and I proceeded to explain to him that I had spoken with Mindy about purchasing a ticket to New York, where Richard lived with his family, for Logan to fly out and meet up with him for a weekend. He was surprised Logan agreed because he hadn't answered his calls or texts or any of his attempts to reach him and made it seem as if he was perfectly fine with Richard out of the picture.

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