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Chapter Thirty-Four

It had been a few days since the night Emmie came back. It had also been a few days since Logan held my hand.

I didn't know what was going on between us exactly, but I did know that things were definitely different. We weren't in that friendly stage anymore, where Logan could just throw his arm over my shoulder casually without it meaning anything. Suddenly, our fingers brushed, and neither of us moved; We stood close together, but neither of us made space. It was like we both knew something was there, but we didn't acknowledge it – at least we hadn't. Yet.

It was lunch and we were outside, hanging out at one of the wooden tables. Everyone finished eating, except for Cole, who was on his second tray, on his fourth slice of pizza. Everyone was involved in their own conversations; Tyler and Faith talked with each other quietly, Thomas, Andrew, and Daniel were having an interesting conversation about girls (Cole, of course, couldn't help himself and joined in), and Logan and I.. well we weren't talking about anything.

I was trying – trying – to read my book in peace, while Logan kept interrupting me, distracting me from the charming characters, Augustus and Hazel.

"Why are you reading this again?"

I ignored him, not bothering to look up from my book.

"What's it even about?"


"Lauren, I asked what's—"

I finally looked up from my book, only to clamp a hand over his mouth. He grinned cheekily under my hand, finding my annoyance amusing.

"Could you stop?" I asked, raising my eyebrow at him, trying not to give in to his good looks.

He reached up and grabbed my hand, slowly removing it from his mouth. "Of course." He replied, attempting to hide the smirk forming on his lips.

"Thank you." I muttered.

My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constella—

In the blink of an eye, The Fault in our Stars was ripped from my hands and lifted into the air above me.

"Logan!" I cried, standing up from the bench. Logan stood up to his full height and raised my book high in the air, smirking down at me because he knew I was too short to reach.

I lifted my hand and attempted to grab it, but Logan only lifted higher. "Come on, Lauren. You can do better than that." He taunted me, smiling down at me with an amused grin. I tried grabbing his arm and pulling it down to my height, but Logan wouldn't give in.

"Logan, stop." I said, trying my hardest to be serious. The higher he lifted my book and the more I tried to reach, the funnier the situation was to me. A giggle escaped my lips – which only seemed to encourage Logan – and before I knew it, I was laughing right along with him, the both of us entertained by what was happening.

We were so caught up with the book that we didn't notice our friends had stopped their conversations and were looking at us with raised eyebrows and amused smiles.

"You guys make me sick." Daniel said, gagging into his fist and making everyone laugh.

Logan rolled his eyes and finally handed me my book, looking at me from the corner of his eye and biting back a smile. I sat back down as Thomas started up another conversation that involved everyone. I looked up and saw that Faith was giving me a smug smile. In efforts to keep from smiling like a complete idiot, I bit my cheek and quickly directed my attention to Thomas.

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