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Chapter Twenty-Two

Ever since I had admitted to myself that I liked Logan, my liking for him only grew stronger. There was just something about him that made my heart skip a beat, as cheesy as that sounded. Maybe it was his silky brown hair that always fell in the perfect place without him even trying, or maybe it was his amazing personality and the small things he would do to make me laugh. Maybe it was his hypnotizing blue eyes that were so easy to get lost in. Or maybe it was his smile; his perfect, perfect smile—


"Huh, what?" I mumbled dumbly, ripping my gaze away from Logan and turning to look at Faith.

She raised her eyebrows, a small smirk forming on the corners of her lips.

"What?" I asked, trying to play it cool.

She simply laughed and shook her head, dropping the fact that she had totally just seen me ogling Logan.

We had all decided to come to a local burger joint after school just to hang out and eat their famous frozen custard. The guys were laughing and talking about guy stuff, leaving Faith and I in the corner, almost forgotten. While neither of us were making conversation, my eyes unconsciously kept flickering over to Logan.

Once all of us were done with our frozen custards, we decided to head home. I hugged the guys goodbye, and while Faith just waved, I didn't fail to notice the small smile Tyler had sent her way before turning to say goodbye to the rest of the guys. When she looked away from him, her gaze falling on me, I quickly looked away to pretend I hadn't seen anything and that I wasn't even looking to begin with.

The last person I had left to hug goodbye was Logan. His arms wrapped around me, pulling me close to him. The hug only lasted for two seconds, but it was enough to make my heart pound and put a dazed smile on my face.

"Bye, Lauren." He said warmly. He looked at Faith and raised a hand. "See you later, Faith."

Nearly five seconds after he had begun to walk away, he came to an abrupt stop and turned around. "Wait, today's Friday, right?"

"Yeah, why?" I asked curiously.

"Aren't you coming over for dinner today?"

I frowned, not having a clue what he was talking about, when realization finally dawned on me. "Oh, yeah. I completely forgot. It was set for six-thirty, right?"

Yeah, so I guess I'll see you in a little bit?" He said as he started walking back to his car, a smile beginning to form once more.

I nodded. "See you," I called and lifted my hand to offer a small wave.

I watched as he got into his car, but when I realized I'd been staring too long, I turned to Faith as I tried to suppress a smile. She had her arms crossed, and her eyes were narrowed. She was studying my face as if trying to figure something out.


You like him," She realized, smirking at me.

"I do not." I tried to sound as casual as possible, fighting to keep the creeping blush off my cheeks. If I looked just a little flustered, my secret would be revealed.

Her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped to the floor. "No way," She said slowly. "You guys are secretly dating!"

My eyes widened and I shook my head rather quickly. "What–? No!"

"Well then can you explain why I've caught you staring and drooling at Logan the past few days, or why you get all flustered whenever he hugs you, or why you were invited over to dinner at his house?"

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