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Chapter Fourteen



"Come on, just this once?"




Logan grinned triumphantly and locked his arm around my neck. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest, sending him a glare.

          His grin disappeared and he tilted his head to look down at me. "Why don't you want to go?"

          Logan and his friends wanted me to sit with them at lunch today. However, I thought that was a terrible idea because they sit in the cafeteria. And guess who else sits in there? Kacey.

          "Because!" I groaned, throwing my hands into the air. "Kacey is obviously going to be there since she's popular. You and your friends are also popular, and I know that it's just not going to go well."

          "She won't do or say anything to you, alright? And if she does, we'll leave." He bent his knees so that he was at eye level with me. He looked into my eyes. "I promise."

          I looked away. "Okay."

          "Good." He smiled, straightening his back. "Now let's go."

          We began walking away from my locker and down the hallway. Most of the students in our grade were already in the cafeteria eating; only a few were still walking in the hallway, making their way towards the food they were starving for. We rounded the corner and entered the cafeteria. I'd never really been inside of it, only saw what I could when I passed by. However, now that I was actually inside, it looked so much bigger. The whole room was crowded with hungry teenagers; every table was full. I swallowed, feeling intimidated by everyone.

          "Oh, they're over there," Logan led me to a table in the far right corner. I saw his friends and breathed a sigh of relief.

          People I somewhat knew.

          "Hey, guys!" Cole greeted and offered a small wave as we approach the table.

          "Hey, Lauren." They all said in unison. I smiled as they nodded at me.

          "Lauren!" Tyler's eyes lit up as soon as he saw me. He scooted over, patting the empty space next to him and motioned for me to sit next to him.

          I smiled, rolling my eyes playfully. I went and sat next to him either way, and Logan sat down in front of me, next to Andrew. Tyler slid his arm around my shoulders, and I glanced up to see that stupid little arrogant smirk on his face. "Did you miss me that much that you had to come see me?"

          I snorted, pushing his arm off of my shoulders. He shrugged, going back to eating his food. "You'll want me eventually. It's just a matter of time."

          I laughed quietly, shaking my head at how he actually thought I would ever come around to that.

          "Hey, Lauren?" Thomas called from the other side of the table.


          "Do you wanna go get me some water?" He stuck out his bottom lip out, giving me the please do it for me face.

          "Fine," I said. "Where do I get it from, though?"

          He pointed behind me at a vending machine not too far away. "But you have to pay for it so here," He dug into his pocket and pulled out a wrinkled dollar bill. I took it and stood up, following the direction Thomas pointed at. I was standing in front of the machine and inserting the dollar bill, and when I pushed the button for a water bottle it came rolling out within seconds.

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