Chapter Seven

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Frowning, I tried to move away from mom who kept trying to mess with my hair and tutting. She thought I needed a haircut. I didn't think so, I liked it this length. It wasn't even that long, just curled at the nape of my neck.

Most of my features came from mom's side of the family. The red hair, the freckles and the gap between my two front teeth. Basically all I got from dad are his dark onyx eyes. What I got from neither of them was my height and size. When the family visits, they're all tall and muscular and then there's me, reaching a measly five two.

I pulled down on my jacket sleeves, shifting my weight from foot to foot. It was already dark out even though it was only reaching six. We were waiting on Calvin to get home. Mom said she told him about the dinner plans tonight but when she called, he said he forgot.

The purring rumble from the muscle car could be heard as it made its way down our street and I looked up from where I stood on the porch. All I could see were the headlights and when the car pulled into the driveway, I hopped down the stairs, stumbling some before regaining my balance and running to them.

Excitedly opening the drivers door, I was surprised to see Jesper in the backseat.

"Well at least someone's always happy to see me." Robby said pointedly at no one in particular. I rolled my eyes but couldn't help but to smile.

"Do you want to come with us? Hmm? Do ya'?" I asked, looking between Robby and Jesper, the street light throwing harsh shadows across their faces. Calvin chuckled from the passenger seat and Robby raised a thick brow.

"That sounds like a great idea." Mom said, coming up behind me. "Sweetie squeeze in there with them and we'll meet you at the restaurant." Mom wasn't asking. She hugged dad's arm and he led her to the SUV.

I beamed, all for being stuffed in the back with Jesper. I was practically wiggling with anticipation.

Robby flashed a knowing smirk making me blush. "Don't forget we can smell arousal." Robby whispered so only I could hear as he got out the car. My face burned but I glared at him before crawling in. I wasn't even aroused, he was just being mean and teasing me.

"Hi, Jesper." I said shyly, even though I sat closer than I needed too. Robby snorted while fixing his seat, his dark brown eyes twinkling. I turned away from him and looked up at Jesper.

"Hey, Torin."

"Did you hear, little brother? Torin here got himself a job." Robby said, backing out into the street. Mom actually got me the job but I wasn't going to correct him.

I nodded excitedly, my leg brushing against Jesper's. He's so warm.


It was quiet for awhile and Robby turned up the radio, filling the silence with soft music. I tapped my fingers against my knee, looking outside at the dark forest and fields we passed by quickly and forcing myself not to stare at Jesper. When Robby got on the straight back road that led to the next town over, he started to speed up. I sat up straighter, looking over the male's shoulder as the speedometer kept rising. When it reached thirty miles over the speed limit, I started getting uneasy.

"Ugh, Robby..." I trailed off.


"Um, I think you should slow down some." I said hesitantly, it was never a smart idea to tell an Alpha what to do. Calvin and Jesper laughed but I felt the car slow down gradually. Releasing a breath, I sat back calming down some. "Thanks."

The rest of the ride to the restaurant Robby went the speed limit.

I wasn't surprised when we got there before mom and dad. Jesper was eager to get out of the cramped back seat to stretch his long legs, so we all decided to stand outside of the car.

Kicking at a lone rock, bored and ready to eat, I looked up at Jesper who was on his phone. "Are you um, ready for school next week?" I asked lamely. My face warmed when he looked away from his phone.

"I guess."

I bit my lip, not really knowing what else to say. Stuffing my hands in the pockets of my olive green jacket, I turned away from him. Jesper was always nice to look at but I was always bored when I tried talking to him. I didn't want to be, I wanted to joke around and have easy conversations but he was always so short with his responses. Maybe that was just him or he was shy but it was his only flaw in my eyes.

Robby grinned at me from where he was leaning back against his car, his arms crossed over his chest. I stuck my tongue out at him and he mirrored the action making me smile.

When mom and dad arrived, we all went inside and got a table. I sat between the window and mom, Calvin sat across from me with Robby beside him and then Jesper across from dad. I guess it was a good thing he was at the end of the table, or else I would have stared at him the whole time.

The restaurant had these cool ghost chairs and everything was white and very modern. Colorful LED lights lit up the bar area and round lights hung over each table so you could see your table occupants in the dark place.

I bounced in my seat as I read over the menu, already knowing what sushi rolls I wanted and shrimp hibachi.

After ordering, mom started asking Robby about all the places he's been. She didn't bring up anything that had to do with Mates, knowing he still hadn't found his. Unlike Calvin who didn't seem to care, Robby always wanted his. I remember eavesdropping on him telling Calvin that he couldn't wait to meet his Mate and what he hoped they would be like.

Tapping my fingers against the table, I looked out the window at passerby's. This town was bigger than ours and attracted tourists so random humans weren't stumbling into our small town. It was kind of like a small city but I've never been to a city so I really wouldn't know.

"Do you plan on leaving again?" Mom asked and I turned back to everyone.

"Yes, we're going to one of those big cities." I answered for him. Robby raised a brow and shrugged.

Mom laughed. "Sweetie I don't think you'd know what to do in the city."

I huffed. "I'd go to a gay club." I decided, making dad choke on his drink while everyone laughed.

"I guess we're going to the city then." Robby chuckled. I smiled at him before perking up when I spotted the food coming.


After leaving the restaurant, mom decided she wanted to go into some of the little shops within walking distance. I was going to ride with them back home and ended up waiting by the car for them. Robby decided they'd stay with me until mom and dad got back so I wouldn't be alone. I thought it was a very Alpha thing for him to do. Wanting to make sure his pack Mate was safe. Even the runt.

"No, look, I was drunk and at the time it seemed like the best damn deal I could ever make." Robby explained with a smile.

"You traded your bike for a teddy bear keychain." Jesper got out between his laughter.

I stared in disbelief at the pink teddy bear keychain Robby held up. "You could have bought one yourself."

Robby shook his head. "I wanted this one." He chuckled and stuffed his keys back into his pocket.

"That's stupid." I told him.

"Is it? I got my keychain and a crazy story to tell." Robby pulled me under his heavy arm and I fought to get away, just to end up pouting and being held against his side. "Do you have any plans to look for your mate?" Robby asked his brother, becoming serious.

"Not for awhile, no. I'm going away for college next year. Who knows, maybe I'll meet him there."

My eyes grew double their normal size. "Him?" I blurted. My hope sky rocketed and Robby pinched me because my smile took over my face.

Jesper chuckled awkwardly and rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, um...him, her, whoever."

I wasn't even concerned that he was going to leave for college. I was bouncing with excitement. After all these years, looking for the smallest clue that Jesper could be my Mate. I was taking this and running with it. He's gay, I'm gay. We're meant to be. It's fate.

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