Chapter Twenty Five

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I've always been embarrassed about my Heat. Growing up and being the only Omega in the family, I use to try to hide and cover up any signs of it starting. It was always hard not having anyone to talk to about it. Or at least no one who experienced it. Mom never understood it, talking to dad about it wasn't an option. I would die of embarrassment before I got any words out. The same went for Calvin.

So every time I went into Heat, I had a routine. First, I'd take a cold shower to try and cover my scent with body wash. Then I would collect snack food and bottled water from the kitchen. For a week, I'll sit in my room trying to ignore the subtle ache and what felt like a fever.

That's not what happened this time.

I was still worked up after beating up a stupid Alpha and dad had to carry me into the house. Mom wasn't even yelling at me. Her face was red as she struggled to hold in her laughter. Huffing and puffing, I let dad put me on my feet and didn't try to run back to the pack house to destroy that Alpha.

Wiping sweat from my brow, I huffed and sat down on the steps leading upstairs. My parents watched me, wondering what I'd do now.

Pulling at my uncomfortable clothes, I felt that familiar ache in my lower stomach. Something was different however. That ache was stronger and difficult to ignore. It's never felt this bad before.

Mom looked at me with concern, her hand reaching out to touch my sweaty forehead. I cried out at the contact, feeling like I was being pricked by tiny needles where her hand touched my skin. Mom jerked back worriedly, looking up at dad for some kind of answers.

No one had any, and I looked between my parents worriedly. What I really wanted was to see Robby. I had to lean forward some to cover the front of my jeans, my face burning from humiliation.

"How about you go lay down, I'll fix you some soup." Mom suggested. She didn't have to tell me twice. I half walked, half crawled up the stairs.

When I got into my room, I stripped off the uncomfortable clothes in search for comfort. I was burning up, in need of something. Dropping down on my bed, the contact with the cool sheets didn't help. Anything that had contact with my skin hurt. Even the sheets felt prickly.

I knew what I wanted. What I needed. He was big and strong and now had the full power of an Alpha.

Whining, I tumbled out of bed and fell to my knees. I was painfully hard and touching myself hurt.

Crying, I got up and tried to get downstairs. I need him, I need my Mate. He can make the ache go away. Only him, I only want him.

Shifting into my wolf, I was able to get down the stairs easier. I scratched at the front door and whined until dad came to see what was going on.

"Don't you dare let him out of this house!" Mom shouted knowingly from the kitchen.

I whined louder, looking up at dad with big eyes. He looked torn on what to do. It was the eyes, they were working as I intended.

Dad looked towards the kitchen where we could hear mom banging around pots.

"She's going to kill me." Dad grumbled, flipping the lock on the door.

Before he could pull it open, a kitchen knife embedded itself into the wood of the door. The handle shook from the force it was thrown, silence stretching as we looked at it.

"What the hell, Woman?!" Dad growled, spinning on mom who was glaring at him.

"Don't talk down to me like I'm some human." She growled back. "You were going to let our pup out of the house while he's in heat and unmarked."

"I was going to let him go to his Mate!" He argued.

I whined, wanting out but also not wanting my parents to argue because of me.

"That's if he would of made it to him you idiot, he's unmarked!" She stared again, putting emphasis on the fact that I'm still unmarked.

Realization dawned on dad and he looked down guiltily.

Even though her argument was a strong one, I didn't want to hear it. I wanted Robby!

Snarling, I ran past mom to the back door. Shifting smoothly, I opened the door and shifted back into my fur. Mom was yelling at me to come back as I bound off into the forest behind the house. I think somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew there was no stopping me and it kept her from running after me.

It took me longer than it should have getting to the pack house. I kept stumbling and tripping over underbrush and fallen trees. When I did make it to the edge of the forest in the backyard of the pack house, I spotted the crowd of wolves.

Everyone was now celebrating their new Alpha. Robby was smiling, a beer in his hand as he talked to a group of wolves. I could see how happy he was and it made me happy seeing it.
It also made me tingle in need.

Not wanting to pull him away from his own party, I stumbled through the woods until I was looking at the front of the house. Less people were in the front, some walking in and out of the house.

With a quick prayer to the Goddess, I shot out of the forest and ran into the house. Others shouted as they had to move quickly out of my way.

I didn't stop for anyone, hoping that if I moved quick enough no one would pick up on my scent. For the most part, it worked.

My paws slid on the polished floors, making me bang into things.

When I got to Robby's room, I shifted and fell into heaven. His scent calmed me and excited me all at once. I wanted to rub myself against everything and roll around in his belongings.

I stopped in my mission to his bed that was drenched in that strong woodsmoke and leather scent. A blond head poked out from the rumpled covers and tired blue eyes looked up at me curiously.

"Who are you?" His soft voice made me cringe.

"Who the hell are you?" I retorted, wanting to know who this pretty male was in my Mate's bed!

He sat up, the covers falling to expose his bare chest.

My Heat forgotten, a growl slipped out past my lips. His sickly sweet scent was tainting my bed, mixing with my Mate's.

His light eyes looked me over and I was reminded that I didn't have any clothes on. My freckled skin flushed red and I covered my goods with my hands.

The pretty omega crawled from under the covers and kneeled at the edge of the bed, a seductive smile pulling up his full lips.

"Are you here to play with Alpha Robby, too?" He asked, not in the slight bit embarrassed that he was exposing all of himself to me.

"Play...what do you mean? Who are you?" My anger resurfaced and my eyes narrowed. "Get out of my bed." I growled.

"Excuse me?" His seductive smile was gone and he looked me over again.

Puffing out my cheeks, I tried to stop the slight trembles from my building rage.

If this male wasn't going to get up and out of my Mate's room, I'll get him out myself.

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