Chapter Eleven

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Looking up from where I was sewing my bag, I watch Jesper chuckle at something Kelly Webb was whispering to him. I had the urge to stick fabric pins in her but that was a morbid thought and I'm a better person than that. Thinking it wasn't as bad as actually doing it though. Right?

The prick of the needle going through my finger mad me hiss and I lifted my foot from the pedal so the machine would cut off. Sticking my bleeding finger in my mouth, I looked back up at Jesper.

He really is beautiful. He had this prettiness about him. His lips are full and a soft pink, his eyes a little wide and made him seem interested in everything that was said to him. Sighing dreamily, I wondered how it would be to kiss him. I bet his lips are soft.

I hate having to wait a whole week until my birthday. Why did we have to wait until we're eighteen anyways? Oh right, perverts. There's been some cases of wolves luring unknowing pups by telling them they're their mate. That's why these days it's one of the first things we learn. No one is able to find their mate until they're eighteen. It's just the way things are.

"Get to work, Mr. Frey."

Looking up, Mrs.Ellis was glaring at me and I quickly got to work on finishing my bag.

After class, I hurried to pack up and followed Jesper out into the hall, determined to follow through with the plan I'd thought up in my head. It had taken a lot of thought. Keeping me up last night thinking of all the ways it could go wrong.

"Jesper!" I called, gaining his attention before he could disappear in the crowd of giants. He turned around and I waved my hand so he'd know it was me calling him. He politely waited and even smiled at me.

"Hey Torin."

I almost purred like a stupid cat. "Hey," I paused to take a deep breathe after running that great distance to get to him. "I was just wondering...well," biting my lip nervously, I sighed. "Do you maybe want to hang out?" Would it be weird to pat myself on the back? I'll do it later.

Jesper looked down at me with a raised brow before looking up when someone called his name. I turned around to glare at Bradley down the hall. "Ugh, sure, text me." Jesper pat my shoulder before walking down the hall to join his stupid friend.

I bounced on my toes quietly squealing. Why didn't I do this sooner? It was so easy. Plus he touched me. I'm going to faint.

Walking through the halls with a huge smile and a new pep in my step, I exited the school to make my way home. I'm going out with Jesper Killian. It has to be perfect. What should I wear? Maybe something a little suggestive but not too much so because I'm modest, I promise.

Before we know it, we'll be mated after having a huge ceremony, then we'll get a big family home and fill it up with six pups. No more, no less.

"What has you looking so smug?"

I was so far gone in my thoughts, I didn't even see Robby as I walked around his shiny car to cross the street. I turned around and moved closer to his car so I wouldn't get run over by some teenager. They drive worse than the elderly. The male was surrounded by high school girls all eager for his attention and I watched them with distaste.

Robby crossed his arms on top of the car, that stupid smirk on his lips. They didn't look as soft as Jesper's.

"Oh nothing." I said, still smiling. Nothing was going to wipe this smile off. "Jesper just agreed to go on a date with me." Not in so many words but same difference. Robby didn't need to know that.

"Bullshit." He laughed, unbelieving. I gasped and placed a hand over my chest dramatically.

"Don't curse at me, Robert."

"With every day that passes, you turn more into your mother." The big idiot said, laughing up a storm.

My smile slipped and in place was a glare I directed at him. "You''re just jealous!" I snapped, stomping my foot.

Robby raised a brow and opened his mouth but before he could get any words out, I rushed to change the subject.

"What are you doing here anyways, daydreaming about the good ol' days?" I sassed.

"Actually, I'm here to pick up my brother. Want a ride?"

"No." Was my immediate answer. I've decided that I can't stand him. He's always around, not to mention the groping and scenting in my mom's kitchen. She'd have a heart attack if she knew what that evil Alpha wolf did to her pure pup.

"Not even if Jesper's going to be in the car?" He taunted.

I pouted, knowing he'd changed my mind. He smiled, knowing this too. Every since he discovered my crush on his brother, he's used it against me in some way.

Robby walked around the car and opened the door for me, moving the seat up so I could crawl in the back. He didn't move back and I had to squeeze between him and the door to get in, the whole time with a clear look of annoyance on my face. He only laughed while fixing the seat and sliding in behind the wheel.

My Mate better pamper me with love for all the times I've had to deal with his insufferable brother.

"Oh, I almost forgot." I pulled my backpack off and sat it on my lap, digging through it until I found what I was looking for. The doctor said to give them to someone who needed them. Who needed them more than Robby? "I believe you need these." I slapped the bag of condoms against his chest and waited until he grabbed them. Robby looked at the bags contents before turning in his seat to look at me.

"What are you suggesting, Tory? That I should use these...with you?" He seemed to be dead serious. My face burned as I sputtered out nonsense and shook my head in denial. Robby watched me do this before bursting with laughter. "Aren't you going to need these? After all, you have that big date with Jesper." He teased, tossing the bag back at me.

"No! I don't do those things." I cried, fumbling with the bag as some spilled out.

"Sure. There's no telling what you think up in that dirty mind of yours."

"My mind isn't dirty!" I yelled right as the car door opened. I was pretty sure my face was going to catch on fire as Jesper ducked down and glanced between us curiously. Then his eyes lowered to the handful of condoms I'd picked up off the floor. My mouth opened, and shut.

"Torin wants to know what size you wear." Robby said to his brother with a straight face.

That was it, in that moment, I decided I was going to kill Robert Killian.

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