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Torin tried not to squeal, I could see he was struggling in the way his freckled face turned red and his cheeks puffed out. He looked about ready to combust from the excitement.

Chuckling, I scooted closer as Torin started cooing before even getting a good look at the pup. Pulling down the white blanket he was bundled up in, we finally got a clear view of the round face and chubby cheeks. My Mate about lost his shit.

"Oh! Oh! Look, he's opening his eyes!" Torin was trying to stay quiet but his words were squeaky. We watched the pup open his large eyes to reveal the greenish-hazel tone. When his little tongue stuck out, Torin tried to pull the pup impossibly closer to his chest.

I couldn't help but to stare at him gush over the newborn. The sound of his excited giggles and the soft tone he took when talking to the pup.

Shaking my head, I leaned over to look over the little pup whose eyes looked around. He had a head full of dark hair that I gently brushed my fingers over. It was as soft as I imagined.

"Can I have my pup back?" Calvin asked not even a full five minutes after handing the pup over to Torin.

"No." Torin deadpanned, pulling the pup against his chest possessively.

I snorted and Calvin rolled his eyes before taking his pup from his brother's arms. Torin pouted cutely and I couldn't help but lean over and kiss his cheek.

"I want one." Torin whined, turning to me with big pleading eyes.

I choked on my spit, going into a coughing fit as my Mate just stared up at me. We were nowhere near ready to start a family. We'd only completed our Mate bond a few months ago. I was just settling into my position as Alpha and Torin was getting use to being Luna. He was a natural at that though and after everyone pushed aside their prejudice against runts, he was easily accepted. That didn't mean we were ready for pups of our own yet. Mrs. Frey would probably skin me. Torin was only just finishing up with school.

Kissing his cheek again and ignoring his words, I looked up at Calvin. The male was cuddling his pup in front of the window, in a world of his own.

Carmen was asleep in the large bed and we tried to keep quiet not to disturb her. It was a surprise for everyone when Calvin ran into the pack house with the very pregnant female screaming her head off. It wasn't uncommon though and the pack house was well supplied with everything needed for a successful and healthy birth.

Torin huffed and crawled onto my lap, resting his head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around my little Mate and breathed in his comforting scent.

It wasn't hard to imagine him round with our pups, or little red headed pups running around.

Not so long ago, I'd dared to steal a kiss. It wasn't the one Torin remembered, a kiss that I still enjoyed as much as the first. Our first kiss had been in front of the pack house, the lawn covered in toilet paper. We had to lean against each other to stay upright. We'd both had too much alcohol to drink. Maybe that's what had given me the courage to go for it. To press a quick kiss to his lips before pulling back in surprise. I remember seeing the surprise I felt reflected in Torin's dark eyes. Until he pulled me down for another, his body pressed flush against my own. I think I knew then. I at least suspected it, that this little male could be my Mate.

Torin, with the adorable gap and cute giggle. The lonely little wolf who could be sassy and awfully clumsy. I wanted him to be my Mate, had begged the Goddess to make it so. I had searched for so many years, and right here was this perfect male who I had so easily fallen for.

Those big onyx eyes looked up at me, as if already knowing where my thoughts had drifted. His lips pressed against the small bite mark peaking out from under my shirt collar. The mark he'd given me when we completed our mating the night of our Ceremony. My own mark was prominent in the juncture of his neck, for everyone to see. For everyone to know—he's mine.

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