Chapter Twenty Three

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Robby's inauguration is today. He'll be named Alpha, taking his father's place as our leader and protector. I know he'll be one of the greatest. He's strong, caring, and he wants this. Not in a greedy or arrogant way. But he's known his position since he was old enough to understand and unlike some who despise their future, or think they selfishly deserve it, he's accepted it with the want to do good.

I felt bad knowing it was my fault I wouldn't be there as his bonded Mate. He will never admit it, but I know it's something he wanted. To take on the weight of the pack but not alone, with his Moon—his Luna.

Tucking my hair behind my ears, I fidgeted with my outfit nervously. I wanted to look nice. Not just for the event, but for my Mate. This is a special day for him. I made sure to wear my nicest dress pants. They had no stains or tears, the same went for my tucked in button up. I even wore the uncomfortable dress shoes mom got me.

I was the first one ready, hours before it was time to even go. Dad watched me from his recliner as I kept fidgeting. We'll be leaving soon. Once mom finishes yelling at Calvin to wear something that at least looks partially clean.

"Nervous?" Dad asked, making me jump a little.

"What? No..." I ran my hand over my hair wondering if I should of listened to mom and got it cut. "Why? Is something going to happen?" I worried. My biggest fear was someone challenging Robby because he didn't have a bonded Mate. It would be all my fault.

"Everything will be fine." Dad assured, a slight smile on his face. "Your mom will never say anything but we're proud of you pup. Knowing what you want and not backing down for anyone." I ducked my head, my face burning at his words. "It takes a strong wolf to demand anything from an Alpha. You faced two of them." Dad chuckled.

Unable to help myself, I flung off the couch and hugged him tightly. Dad didn't say anything, he just hugged me back. You'd think he'd be an awkward huger but it's the opposite really. His hugs are comforting. Warm and strong. "I love you, Dad." I said softly, having not told him since I was little and instead just assuming he knew. I think he needed to hear it.

"I love you too, pup." Dad said, his arms tightening around me briefly before he let go.

I smiled, sitting back on the couch as the silence returned.

Eventually mom come downstairs dressed in a dark blue dress that stopped under her knees. Her red hair was done up and earrings dangled from her ears. She looked really pretty. Calvin was fallowing behind her, looking unpleased but at least decent.

Mom looked me over, nodding in approval.

Dad got up and kissed mom's cheek, making her whole face turn as red as her hair. I'm sure he said something through their bond link to make mom blush so intensely.

The ride to the pack house was filled with mom reminding us on how to behave and that we needed to stick together today. Apparently there would be out of the pack attendees.

I was confused when dad pulled over so far away from the pack house but I quickly realized why. I had no idea Robby's inauguration would be so big! The road was lined with cars parked on the sides.

Staring wide-eyed and frozen, I jumped when mom tapped on the window signaling for me to get out.

We had to walk the rest of the way but so did everyone else that parked on the street. No pack event I've ever attended had been so big.

Shivering from the cold and nerves, I couldn't help but to walk a little faster than my family. I needed to see Robby.

The pack house was beyond crowded and most of the crowd was gathered in the backyard. Mom went straight to the kitchen to yell at everyone, even though she'd just told us to all stay together.

Dad met my questioning eyes and gave a nod of approval. I didn't hang around for mom to return and went in search for my Mate. It was instinct that led me to him.

The male was pacing the length of his room, his head snapping up when I opened the bedroom door. Slipping inside, I shut the door behind me and looked up at a disheveled Robby.

His hair was in its regular mess, his shirt left unbuttoned and the tie hanging around his neck. I couldn't help the way my body heated at the sight of him. I knew it was because my Heat would be starting soon. Luckily it hadn't yet or else I wouldn't have made it today and would've locked myself in my room.

Robby didn't know but it effected him. The way his eyes darkened as he lifted his head and scented me. I knew my scent was changing and I'll be in Heat in a day or two.

Before I knew it, the male had me pressed up against the door as he tucked his head in the crook of my neck.

Biting my lip to contain the pitiful whimpers, I tried to keep my head clear.

"Robby," I breathed. "You should finish getting ready." It was a reminder for me as much as for him.

"I don't know if I can do this." He grumbled lowly, his hands gripping at my sides and pulling me flush against him. My hands landed on his bare chest, that whimper finally breaking through at the skin to skin contact. "I'm not ready."

"That's bullshit!" I snapped, fighting my way out of his arms and walking to the center of the room. I turned to my Mate, hands on hips and eyes narrowed. "You're more than ready." I stated simply. "Now get dressed, there's a lot of wolves waiting to see you."

"A lot?" Robby asked, surprisingly looking a little nervous.

A slow smile lifted my lips at the sight. "Wow. Is the Robert Killian, scared of a few wolves?" I taunted.

The male's expression quickly changed and his jaw ticket at the use of his name. "Soon I'll have you crying out to me as Alpha." He growled lowly, making me shiver.

"Then you better go claim that title." I whispered, my eyes meeting his.

That seemed to be enough to motivate the male to finish dressing. I had to help him with his tie because it was just sad watching him struggle to get it right. When he was all dressed up, I stood on my toes and used my fingers to brush his hair back. Robby just stared down at me, his intense eyes making my face grow warm.

A knock on the door made us break apart. I smiled up at him. "You're ready." I assured him. Robby leaned down for a short kiss that stole my breathe and ended to quickly.

I was left standing there in a daze as the male winked at me before slipping out of his room.


I was amazed by how many Alphas were here in support of Robby. Even though their dominant auras made me hide behind dad.

The main event wasn't as long as I expected it to be. The Alpha said a few words, making a few pack members cry at his emotional words of thanks and gratitude. Then he introduced Robby who stood tall and strong with confidence. I could do nothing but gawk up at him with pride. That's my Mate. He's mine.

I think everyone cried a little when Alpha Richard hugged Robby and told him how proud he is of him.

A high priestess joined them on the platform used during pack meets and said a few prayers to the Goddess.

The female dressed in a pretty white dress had the two males kneel facing each other, a hand handing the others arm like a weird handshake. I stood on my toes trying to see everything that was happening. Their heads were bowed and their eyes shut. The high priestess was talking too low for any of us to hear and I think it was meant to be like that.

This part was between them. But we all felt it when it happened. It made the hair on my arms stand on end. Like static in the air.

And then the worst thing ever happened. Right as my Mate was announced Alpha.

Pain flared in my lower stomach as I became hot and clammy. I couldn't take my eyes off Robby though, so I didn't notice the eyes of every unmated male on me. The eyes of several Alphas and hundreds of males.

I stared up at Robby—at my Mate—horrified at the realization. I had gone into Heat.

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