Chapter Twenty Nine

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Standing still, I had no choice but to let the tall elderly wolf coo over me and pinch my cheeks. It's been a few months since I'd seen mom's side of the family. She's originally from a pack close by but she left and followed dad back to his home pack.

They'd all came to witness Robby's inauguration. Not because they were close with the Alpha family, at least they weren't until they heard I was the Mate of the idiot.

I was pulled away from my grandma to be forced into being the meat of the sandwich my uncles created. They were loud, too big for their own good and irritably dominate.

"Little Tor!" Uncle Wallis boosted. I hung limp as they passed me around, the four huge males ruffling my hair and making it a point to acknowledge my small stature. It wasn't a common attribute in the Watson family.

"Let me hold him." Uncle Dillon held his arms out for me but Uncle Wallis refused. This turned into an argument and I was stuck between the two huge male's. Until I was snatched away by my grandpa. His four sons turned to him, ready to fight but instantly backed down in the face of the biggest of them all.

Grandpa Bo is gigantic. I've never met anyone as tall as him. He's a retired Third, and looks every bit the intimidating enforcer. His hair is still a familiar red, as well as his long beard that had a few strands of white. His belly has gotten plump over the years but his chest and shoulders are still burly.

I was finally placed on my feet and Grandma Freya came back to pinch my cheeks. I may pretend the amount of attention was a nuisance, but I was soaking it up like a dry sponge to water.

"Whatcha been up to, Bean?" Uncle Carter asked, using that stupid nickname. I was the only Omega born to the family. Being a runt makes me even smaller. Grandpa Bo blames it on dad's side of the family. Grandpa Harold blames it on mom's side of the family. The two elderly males argue a lot. I think it has something to do with dad knocking mom up while she was still in school.

"Nothing." I grumbled, fixing my clothes and trying to smooth down my hair.

"We heard you found your Mate." Uncle Patrick brought up.

I rolled my eyes even though my face caught on fire. "So?"

"So, we want to meet the bloke!" Grandpa boomed. Not that it was intentional, he was just a big male with a big voice.

Pursing my lips, I thought it over before smiling brightly. "Okay!"

Hopefully mom's four brothers will treat Robby like they treat dad and try to scare him. It doesn't work with dad, he just chuckles at their attempts and sits back to watch television.

The six of them followed me as I led the way through the pack house. I'd left Robby on the back patio talking to teenagers who thought he was cool.

I wasn't surprised to see some of my cousins. They were easy enough to spot in the crowd. They were all tall redheads, some covered in freckles like me, some with gaps too. Uncle Dillon's kids had brown skin, covered entirely with freckles and their hair a lighter shade of red. They still very much looked like the rest of the family.

"Robert!" I shouted, gaining the male's attention. His glare fell away at the sight of my huge smile. He thought I was happy to see him and I was, but mostly because I wanted my uncles to scare him. "That's him, that's my Mate." I told my family, pointing him out.

Robby walked towards me, eying the huge wolves standing around me. My Mate was just as tall, only shorter than grandpa.

"Bean!" My cousins surrounded us, happy to pass me around much like their fathers had. I whined and complained but couldn't drop the smile.

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