Chapter Nineteen

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"This is your fault." I stated, taking the canned food out of the box and stacking it on the shelf.

"Do you ever take responsibility?" Robby responded irritably, pausing with cans in his hands and waiting for my answer.

"It's never my fault." I sassed. If he knew how to keep his hand to himself, we would of never been caught by my mom and we wouldn't be stuck organizing the pantry as punishment.

"Oh please." Robby scoffed. "You're nowhere as innocent as you'd like everyone to believe."

I glared at him and shuffled out of the way so he could put the cans on the shelf. "You're just mad you got caught!"

"And put in a small compact room with my Mate. I wouldn't necessarily call that punishment." Robby turned to leer at me, making me gulp nervously.

"W-well, don't even think about touching me!" I picked up a box of cereal to shield me from the male.

Robby chuckled, taking the Lucky Charms and opening the box. I watched him curiously as he moved the boxes of food out of the way before sitting down on the floor.

When he looked up at me expectantly, I didn't say anything and sat down beside him.

"What's your favorite color?" Robby asked, picking the marshmallows out of the cereal.

"Orange, yours?"


"Favorite food?"

That was easy. "Pasta, any kind!" Robby chuckled and I looked up at him, waiting for his answer.


I'm not sure how long we sat in the pantry asking each other questions. We ate all the marshmallows in the Lucky Charms, and I learned that Robby had a fear of reptiles. How weird. He's a big Alpha wolf that shivers at the mention of lizards. I laughed so much I started choking on air. Robby just pouted like a pup before seeing the humor in it and laughing himself.

Eventually I ended up leaning against him, my head resting on his arm as he told me about some of the things he did while away from the pack. I couldn't help it, the sound of his low voice and comforting scent lulled me to sleep.


I got home in the late evening with mom, reluctantly leaving Robby behind. If I could have, I would spend the night with him. Mom would have never allowed it though.

Dad sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"They're Mate's, Lyla, it's gonna happen eventually."

"Not before the ceremony it isn't!" Mom argued.

"Don't you think you're being a little hypocritical." That seemed to silence mom as her face grew red. It wasn't the end of it though. No, they picked right back up arguing about things that started to get off topic. It began with mom lecturing me once we got home about the importance of keeping my virtue until my mating ceremony. Dad had disagreed though, saying it was unfair to keep Mates apart.

It was all so embarrassing. I think mom would prefer if things returned to the old way. When the submissive mate wasn't allowed around the dominant without a chaperone until the ceremony.

Mom and dad are the perfect example that not all Mates share the same values and opinions. Yet they still love each other above all else.

"Whatever, I'm going to have a beer." Dad said, picking up his coat. "A real one." He shouted from the front door before it slammed shut.

Mom huffed, looking like she wasn't finished arguing. When she turned towards me, I shrunk back a little. She huffed again, stomping out of the living room.

Not wasting a second to get away, I quickly got up and ran upstairs as quietly as possible.

Calvin's door was cracked open and I peaked inside, surprised to see him reading. It was a relief, for awhile I wasn't so sure he knew how to.

Pushing his door open gained his attention and he looked up at me. He looked stressed.

"Everything okay?" I asked, concerned. It was strange seeing any expression aside from boredom on his bearded face. His brows were pinched, creating wrinkles on his forehead and a dent between his bushy brows.

"What do you want?" He grumbled.

"What's so horrible about talking to me?" I asked, my mood plummeting. Why did he have to be so mean, I was just worried about him.

Rolling my eyes, I inched further into his room.  There were multiple parenting books on the bed and some across the room like he'd thrown them.

I smiled, crawling onto his bed. "Are you excited? Do you think it'll be a boy or girl? What about names, you can always name them after me." I rambled, picking up one of the books and flipping through it. "Toris is cute for a boy or girl, what do you think?"

Calvin just stared at me, his mouth slightly open and his eyes looking lost. "Ugh..." he scratched his beard. "We find out the sex next month."

"What?!" I sputtered, jumping up off the bed. "She's that far along already? Why did you wait so long to tell us? We have to get so much." I grabbed at my hair. So many little clothes and toys! "Are you moving in with her?"

"I don't know."

"That's something you should know." I sighed, sitting back down. My poor older brother is an idiot.

"We haven't talked about any of that yet."

"Well you better. Before you know it, little Toris will be here for their favorite uncle to spoil!"

"We're not naming the pup Toris." He grumbled.

"Sure you aren't." I laughed.

"Get out. Go call Robby or something."

I blushed and scrambled to the door, leaving Calvin to it and going up to my own room.

Shutting my room door behind me, I kicked off my shoes and absently pulled the keychain out of my pocket.

Should I call Robby? No, it was too soon. I just left his house!

The Mate bond is so much stronger than I imagined. I mean, it made me like Robby. Enough so that I can ignore his messy hair. It's quite nice actually. I enjoyed running my fingers through it, only further messing it up.

Sighing, I laid down on my bed and let my mind drift to him.

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