Chapter Eight

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Kicking my legs like a small pup, I tried to hold still as Dr. Anderson finished the stitching above my left brow. It most definitely wasn't my first time at the clinic and I doubt it'll be my last but Jade looked a little pale as she watched the doctor work.

Jade's the cake decorator at the bakery and she now blamed herself for my current state. It wasn't her fault, I just wasn't paying attention and when she came into the kitchen happily greeting me, I jumped and slipped. My head smacked the edge of the counter and I got up like nothing happened while Jade freaked out at the sight of all the blood.

The wound was too deep to heal on its own fast enough, so I needed stitches. They'll probably only be in for a day or two  and I'll be as good as new with an additional scar.

"All done." Dr. Anderson patted my leg and I hoped up, almost falling again but the good doctor steadied me. "Come in tomorrow so I can check if they can come out." I nodded along, my eyes scanning the posters labeling parts of the body.

"Thank the Goddess you're okay, there was so much blood." Jade sighed, holding onto my arm as if to keep me from falling again. She was older than me but not by much, only in her early twenties. She's Mrs. Tilly's granddaughter. I was surprised by how nice she was to me, seeing as everyone looks down on me or pretends I don't exist at all.

"It wasn't that bad." I shrug, walking through the automatic doors of the clinic. There was a few humans on staff but most of them are Mated to wolves or know about us through family. The clinic that assist both wolves and humans is in town and closer than having to go to the pack house.

"Your skull was visible!" Jade exclaims, looking at me like I'd bumped my head. To be fair, I did.

I shrugged again. You'd think wolves wouldn't be so sensitive to blood or open wounds but they are. Mostly because the stronger the wolf the faster they heal and they rarely have to see their injuries.

"Come on, lets go get ice cream." She sighed making me smile and speed up some. It's never too cold for ice cream! Although they do sell soup in the colder months. I don't know why an ice cream parlor would but they do.

I held the door open for Jade because I'm a gentleman. Plus my mom would talk my head off if she ever got word of me being impolite.

My eyes instantly went to the loud table of wolves my age but more specifically, my eyes went to Jesper Killian and Kelly Webb who was on his lap. I wanted to shave off her eyebrows.

For the first time since I've developed a crush on Jesper, I didn't go up to him and try to start conversation. Instead, I pouted and followed Jade who was looking over the ice cream choices.

I ordered vanilla with cookie dough chunks, chocolate sprinkles and caramel drizzled over. Jade looked into my bowl with interest and I decided to be nice and let her have a taste. But only a taste because I'm not that sharing. Especially when it's ice cream. Or food in general.

We got a table by the window and I hum along as Jade tells me about a cake she's decorating for a newly Mated pairs ceremony. Wolves that weren't higher ups of the pack had small ceremonies for family and friends. Sometimes the Alpha Pair would stop by or they'd congratulate the pair at the next pack meet.

See, my future mate and I will have a big ceremony where everyone in the pack will come. It's very similar to a humans wedding but by the end of it there's a run and the Mated Pair goes off to...Mate.

My face warmed up at the thought and I looked across the room at Jesper. Only to pout again because that she-wolf was still on his lap with her fingers messing up his perfect hair. Now that I knew he was gay, I felt slightly better. I still don't like that female though and I don't like the attention my Jesper gives her.

Jade gasped and I turned to see her looking out the window while fixing her black bangs.

"What?" I asked, before groaning at the sight of Robby crossing the street. Why is he everywhere? Well, the town is small and he's my brother's best friend but he's everywhere!

"He's coming this way." Jade said breathlessly and I rolled my eyes.

"It's just Robby."

"Robby as in our future Alpha and, and look at him. Goddess..."

I looked back out the window and scrunched up my nose. He was in his regular leather jacket and combat boots. I guess I could see what she's getting at. If you're into that kind of thing, that cliché bad boy look. He has a nice jaw and he's tall and muscular. Not muscular where it looks like he lives in the gym but not lean either. Kind of just right. However, that's not my type. I like lean muscles and males who look like they bathe every morning, not just roll out of bed.

He had those aviator glasses on even though it was cloudy and it looked like he was looking right at me. I couldn't be sure though.

Jade was fixing her shirt when he came in wearing a smirk that lifted one side of his lips.

"Hey Robert!" I said loudly, unable to hold off my evil grin.

He turned towards me slowly, his jaw clenching and unclenching. My grin grew into a wide smile and I gave a small wave.

"What happened to you?" He asked, stopping in front of our table and reaching out to touch my forehead.

"I fell." I said with a shrug, slapping his hand away as I kicked Jade's foot under the table. The female was staring with her mouth open. Something was going to fly in there.

"It must of been bad if you needed stitches. Are you okay?" He asked, taking off his glasses and grabbing my head to look closer.

I smacked his hands away irritably. "I'm fine!"

"Seems like it, brat."

"Thank you for caring, Robert." I said sweetly with an innocent smile.

"Not trying to talk to your boyfriend?" Robby asked with a knowing smirk, effectively making my face burn. Jade looked at me curiously.

"I don't have a boyfriend." I squeaked.

"Right." Robby said as if he'd forgotten. "In that head of yours, you're already a mated pair." He snickered and I punched him in the stomach. He didn't even seem to feel it and I huffed, rubbing my hand. Why was his stomach so hard?

Robby pulled over a chair from the empty table behind him and sat down next to me, his arm stretching across the back of my chair.

"Hey Jade." Robby said, making the flustered female stutter out a response.

I glared at the side of his face until his brown eyes met mine. "Why are you here?"

Robby smirked and leaned closer so only I could hear. "Why? Got any plans?" My nose scrunched up, making him chuckle. "Jesper needed a ride."

"Oh." I looked over at Jesper to see him watching us and I smiled, getting a smile in return.

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