Chapter Nine

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Sitting my laptop onto my bed, I hopped up in need of something to drink. After visiting the clinic this morning to see if my stitches could come out, I'd returned home and stayed in my room doing absolutely nothing productive. Going down the stairs leading up to my room, I threw the door open to hear that I wasn't home alone like I'd thought.

Trying not to be heard, I went downstairs quietly and poked my head into the living room.

Calvin was there and so was Robby. They seemed to be into whatever movie was playing. It's like they're making up for the years apart by spending everyday together. Goddess, you'd think they were brothers.

Going into the kitchen, I yanked the fridge open for a bottle of water that I quickly drunk half of. I was thirsty. I started looking around for something to snack on, mostly because I'm too lazy to make anything more fulfilling.

I knew the male had entered the kitchen but I didn't care to say anything, thinking he'd get something and go.

Grabbing a strawberry yogurt I closed the fridge and turned around, jumping a little seeing Robby so close. He held his finger to his lips, telling me to be quiet. I did as he instructed, watching his nose flare as he moved closer. I backed up until my back was against the fridge and watched his questionable behavior.

My lips parted, prepared to ask what he was doing but his nose went to the crease of my neck and I heard him inhale deeply. I shivered, confused by his behavior until it finally hit me.

There was the minty citrus scent from the orange tic tacs he always has, and the masculine musky scent all dominant males have, under that was the hint of woodsmoke and leather. It just all screamed strong male and as a little gay Omega, that was one of my weaknesses.

I whimpered, feeling my body react to his scent and closeness. I was confused and a little uncomfortable that it was my brother's best friend making me feel like this. My instincts had me baring my throat to the stronger male and he growled softly in approval.

"Robby?" I whispered, still unsure about what was happening. Not that I really knew what was happening. I just know he smells really good and I'm kinda horny now.

Robby seemed to snap out of whatever trance he was in and stepped away from me. His brows were furrowed as he looked me over, his eyes lingering on my Batman pajama bottoms. I looked down to see them tinted out some and squeaked, covering myself with my hands.

My face burned as Robby's dark brown eyes met mine. A slow smirk pulled up one side of his mouth and I shivered again as he leaned back in.

His lips brushed against my ear and my breath caught. "You smell so fucking good, Tory." I made a choked whimper at the sound of his gruff voice. "Get upstairs." He growled, making me scamper off with an uncontrollable need to follow any order given by him. Stupid Omega genes.

By the time I was in my room, I was panting with an aching hard on and the realization that I forgot a spoon.

I didn't go back downstairs until dad's cruiser pulled into the driveway. I had played the Sims on my laptop for hours while I tried to forget about what happened earlier. Not that I really could, it seemed to be the only thing on my mind. All my sims were pregnant after woohooing so much.

How would my future Mate feel if he knew I got a hard on because of his brother? Goddess, I don't want to think about it.

Cautiously going downstairs, I met dad as he came in the front door, already untucking his shirt. Mom wouldn't be home until later, after she made dinner for everyone at the pack house.

"Hey dad." I greeted, hesitating on the last step.

"Torin," He said in greeting, untying his boots. "Ready for school tomorrow?"

I groaned at the reminder. I liked living in denial and so I hated when others reminded me of the things I didn't want to think about. "Do anything fun at work today? Catch any bad guys?" I decided to ignore his question and ask my own.

Dad chuckled lowly. "If you consider having to escort an Omega in heat back home as fun, then yeah." He kicked off his boots by the door, adding them with the pile of shoes already there.

No, I didn't consider that fun. Getting your heat in public was the worst thing to happen to anyone and I'm glad dad was there to escort them to safety.

My own first heat happened at the pack house. The worst place to ever go into heat. Well...besides prison. It was horrible. The pack house is filled with all the unmated wolves. Most Omegas have at least one Omega parent, I don't and so I didn't have much knowledge about going into heat. It happened so fast and I had no control over it. Before I knew it, little thirteen year old me was surrounded by grown males ready to breed me. Not that they necessarily wanted to but the pheromones coming off me didn't really give them much of a choice.

It was a mess and the Alpha had to command them all out of the house before they could start challenging each other over me. That was the first time Jesper talked to me. He took me to his room and tried distracting me until my parents came to pick me up. He was so sweet. After that I knew I was in love.

Dad went into the living room and I followed. There was no sign of Calvin or Robby and I looked around. It'd make since they'd disappear before dad came home, knowing he'd want to sit in his chair and watch tv. That's exactly what he did too.

I walked over to the window to see my brother and his best friend were on the porch in mom's rocking chairs. Robby didn't have a coat on and my eyes went to his ink covered arms. I guess he was nice looking. In a dirty way.

"Hey pup, could you get me a beer?" Dad asked, already with his legs propped up on his recliner.

I went to the kitchen and got dad one of his root beers that were in the glass bottles.

When I shut the fridge, I was reminded of what took place in here a couple hours ago and how I'd let it happen. How it couldn't happen again. Ever.

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