Chapter Twelve

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Fidgeting with my fingers nervously, I looked up again from where I stood by the front entrance of the movie theater. I've been here for a good fifty minutes waiting. I could use the excuse that it's because I got here early, that's what I've been telling myself. Every second that went by and there was still no sign of him felt like torture.

After finally getting the nerve, I had texted Jesper like he said to. We both agreed on seeing a movie and had planned to come Saturday evening. Stupidly, I had forgotten my phone at home in my excitement.

The line buying tickets had disappeared as they all gathered inside and now it was only me and the Human teenager selling the tickets. He kept glancing at me and it only made me feel worse. The romantic comedy Jesper wanted to see was about to start and I knew we weren't going to get any good seats. I even went ahead and bought the tickets.

Hugging myself against the cold, I kicked at the sidewalk wondering if I should just walk home. Were people usually this late for things? I always thought it was best to be early.

Mom had dropped me off, kissing my cheek for everyone to see before shooing me out of the car. She was excited that I was going out with a friend. It was a first for me.

This morning at work I had talked Jade's ears off about my plans for the night. She had even been kind enough to help me out with what I should wear. Apparently slacks and a button down were too formal and she guided me to wear something more casual. I hoped Jesper would like the forest green sweater and dark blue jeans. Mom said I looked adorable. But she's my mom and that doesn't really count.

Looking up at the clock in the ticket booth, I sighed. It's been an hour and we've already missed twenty minutes of the movie. The boy behind the glass offered me a sad smile before turning away.

Determined not to give up, I pushed any bad thoughts to the back of my mind and waited.

Maybe something happened? I hope he's okay, I wouldn't want him to be hurt or anything to have happened with his family. Surely the Alpha family was okay. The whole pack would know if they weren't.

An hour turned into two and before I knew it, crowds spilled out of the theater talking happily about the movies they'd seen. Maybe he got the times mixed up and thought we were seeing a later showing. Deciding that must be it, I stayed another thirty minutes before I finally accepted that he wasn't coming.

Tossing the two movie tickets in the trash, I stuffed my hands in my coat pockets and walked down the sidewalk to the diner I had planned to go with Jesper after the movie. I didn't think I'd be going alone.

It was popular amongst the high schoolers to hang out here and I wasn't surprised to see groups of them at some of the booths.

"Sit yourself and I'll be right with you hun." The waitress said with a smile, walking by me with a tray of drinks.

I got myself comfortable at one of the empty booths by the window and rested my head on the red vinyl table.

"Are we waiting for someone?" I looked up at the smiling waitress as she placed a flimsy menu in front of me. I shook my head with a sigh. "What can I get you to drink?"

I looked over the menu quickly and pointed at the chocolate milkshake.

"I'll be right back with that for you." I didn't pay much attention to her, unable to look her in the eyes.

Everything had been going so well recently. I had thought maybe things had finally gotten better for me. I mean, I was still clumsy and fell a lot or accidentally got hurt, but people were actually talking to me. I had made my parents happy. I even had a job now and I enjoyed it.

Was it really such a bad thing just to hang out with me?

The waitress got back with my milkshake and I ordered a BLT with onion rings. I was absentmindedly sipping my sweet drink and staring out the window when I spotted Jesper walking to the diner. A smile stretched across my face as my mood instantly lifted. I knew he'd come! He must of just gotten held back by something really important. Jesper isn't like everyone else. He's sweet and caring and considerate.

The little bell on the door rung as he entered and I tugged at my sweater to make sure it looked decent. Sitting up straight, I admired his regular preppy attire.

The waitress sat my plate of food in front of me, as I watched Jesper walk past without a glance in my direction and greeted a group of kids from school.

My heart fell at the realization that he wasn't here for me. He had no intention of meeting up with me. He was just like everyone else. He was no better. I'm just the pack runt, a nobody.

I sat there for twenty minutes, barely touching my food and listening to Jesper's laughter. I felt humiliated. Was this planned? Why would Jesper do anything like this? He's always been so sweet. He helped me when I went into heat the first time. He always said hi to me when everyone else pretended I wasn't there. I thought he was different. Was I wrong about him?

Eventually I spotted mom pull up outside like planned and I stood up, placing the money on the table. Looking at the untouched milkshake I had ordered after finishing the first, I picked it up.

No one even noticed me, not until I was standing in front of the booth filled with kids from school. Determined and very upset, I threw the cups cold contents onto the front of Jesper's shirt.

Mom smiled at me eagerly when I opened the door. "So how was it? Did you have fun? How was the movie?" She rambled out question after question.

"It was fun." I lied, going back to my routine of pretending. "I wish I had more popcorn."

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