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I discussed some deeper and more serious topics in this book, if you don't want to read my silly rants on more petty topics that's fine but I ask you at least read the deeper topics I discuss. Based on the titles you should be able to tell which topics are deeper than others in the table of contents.

But before we start let me clarify a few things because everyone knows when you have an opinion, someone is bound to take it the wrong way.

1. This book was not written with the intention to target anyone. I've had this book for some time now and I was afraid to publish it as I don't want to come off like I hate everyone, I don't like offending people but I also know I can't cater to everyone's feelings.

2. I'm writing this because there are things writers do that are either, my personal pet peeves, do not make any logical sense, or are straight-up problematic and need to be opened for discussion.

3. Like every other writer, I generically aspire to publish traditionally one day. With that said, I tend to follow traditional writing rules as best as I can and I constantly learn new information about writing. I like to share said information in this book but with my own personal touches.

4. In this book, I am not saying, trying to say, or act like I'm better than everyone else/people who do the things I discuss, I may jokingly say that when it comes to certain things but on a serious level, I'm just a person like you. I'm nowhere near close to a professional writer, I'm just someone who has no other hobbies or a life so I pour all my time into writing and hope someone likes it.

5. If you do the things I rant about, don't take it personal. This is wattpad and the internet, there's no need to take it to heart.

Just know you always have a chance to grow and improve, everyone sucks when they first start writing, everyone sucks at every hobby they're new to.

Branch out from Wattpad to expand your knowledge on writing; see how people outside of this community write, because how can one say they aspire to publish one day when they know nothing outside of their small community?

When you stay in your small community/bubble of like-minded people only you can never fully see the other perspective of things. For those wanting other sources outside of wattpad for different things, I have a link to a Google docs list of resources I use to help my writing at the bottom of my bio.

6. My sense of humor can be crude.

7. This book does not reflect my personality as a whole. Do I come off as a bitch and make crude jokes? Yes but that doesn't mean that's how I actually am. I am adding this due to some people taking my attitude here as if that's my entire personality because they view the world in black and white. So I can promise you, I'm a little bit of a bitch but I'd like to think I'm pretty alright lol.

8. I do not actually hate cliches or common tropes that are not problematic. If you want to write harmless but cliche books, feel free to do so. Everyone has a cliche or two that they like, as long as they don't have issues, who cares?

9. If you're unsure what I mean by something or you want me to explain it further, feel free to comment on it and we can have a discussion.

That was a long disclaimer, now let us begin shall we?

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