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Today was 31. of December. A new year would start tomorrow. I can't believe it. So much has happened since summer. I met my soulmates, told my secret to my friends, lost my parents, I guess all I need is to become a superhero, heh. It's so strange to look back on. My life has changed so much. A lot has also happened these last few days, when the rest of my soulmates found out that I wasn't gonna train anymore this year. Tony decided that I had to have a day around New York, since I hadn't been in the city much. I got to take a lot of pictures and send them to my bff's. That's basically what happened the last three days. Maybe I wasn't busy with training, but I was so busy with hanging out with my soulmates and going to tourist attractions that I never had the time to look at my parents' gifts. But I did now. Everyone was busy getting ready for the party later tonight, so I had at least the afternoon to myself.

I took the bag and artefact from the top shelf and looked at them. The artefact looked pretty cool with its arrow-like design. The "fletching" felt like it was made of some sort of bone, and there were some strange carvings on them. The two biggest bones looked like it had my name carved in it, but the carvings were so strange, that it could also just be a coincidence. I mean, if this had been passed down for hundreds of generations, why would my name be on it?
I took the bag, but hesitated. The bag was of blue silk, and had a golden pattern sewn into it. I looked at it for some time, just feeling the content inside. It felt hard, maybe wood, square and about 1,5 cm (0,6 inches). Before I could get myself to take it out, my eye caught my phone light up. It was a message from Wilhelm. This became a half excuse for me to wait on looking at the content of the silk bag.
The message read;

Hello miss Crestal, or should I now say agent Crestal? This may be a minor inconvenience, but Fury wants to see you. It's very important, and I suggest you go and don't make him mad

I re-read Wilhelm's text, feeling very tempted to just ignore it, but decided to go anyway. My soulmates weren't home yet, and if it turned out that Fury wanted me to train or something I'd just leave.

Fury stood like an ominous figure, looking out of the window with his back turned to me.
Wilhelm was sitting at the table in one of the chairs furthest away, smirking.
"Take a seat"
Fury said and turned around. I sat down opposite Wilhelm, and looked up.
"So, what is it?"
I asked. A screen suddenly appeared in front of me, and showed me a map of the US.
"We have a mission for you"
Fury said.

The two men explained to me that they needed backup in the west. There had been an increase in attacks and kidnappings. For the past three month, multi-marked around the world have been missing. All of them had found all of their soulmates, and all from children to adults were taken. At the same time, the protection group in California (where the Maximoff twins are), had had an increase in attacks. This unknown group was trying to take Annabelle Rex, the publicly known holder of 6 soulmarks. Fury and Wilhelm wanted me to guard her as they would transfer her from her home to another facility. They wanted me there tonight. I was about to protest. It was New Years and I wanted to spend it with my soulmates! But then something showed up on my screen. It was a black, smoky creature, vaguely human shaped.

It was that creature.

"I'm sure you are familiar with these"
Wilhelm said.
I had nothing to say. I only looked at the pictures on the screen. So many emotions went through my body.
"I know this is your day off, and you want to spend it with your soulmates, but this is urgent"
This was no coincidence. They both knew my passionate hatred towards these smoke creatures. I couldn't go away from this and they knew. It irritated me. Did they know about the rest of my soulmarks too? If so, they hadn't said anything about it. After that information my decision was clear. I wanted to fight whatever the shadow monster was, and I wanted it gone forever. This was my chance and I had to take it.

"I'll go..."

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