Off road

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We arrived as planned in Sacramento, where we had a small break. SHIELD had a private, and I'm pretty sure secret, parking space. Our driver, agent Thomason, hadn't said much, but had been thoughtful enough to tell us that we had arrived. Some agents from the trucks went to get food and drinks, while the rest of us could step outside to just stretch our legs. There was a toilet in one of the trucks that we could use. Other than that, anyone who wasn't out getting food, or putting on fuel, was strictly forbidden to walk more than 10 feet away. I understood the security, and mainly just wanted something to boost my energy. When I still lived in Denmark, I had a consistent schedule. Sometimes I took out nights to talk about my forum with Alex and Aya. I would drink tea and sometimes energy drinks, but those times were far from each other. I had grown more accustomed to long nights now, since I would have nights where I either couldn't sleep, or my body hurt too much to get comfortable in bed. We were back in the car when our food and drinks came. I got a milk coffee with mine. I'm not the biggest fan of coffee, and I'm not very good at trying something new when it's something I already don't drink/eat often, so milk coffee it was. I also had an orange and lemon soda, if the coffee failed me. The break had been short, only lasting for about half an hour, so we were quickly on the road again. I didn't specifically know where Annabelle was to be taken, but I did know that it was somewhere near the border of Arizona. Wilhelm and Fury really didn't want to specify, since I actually wouldn't follow her all the way to her new location. They would switch me at some place called 'Desert Center' or something.

We had been following road 49 smoothly for the last hour or so. I was looking out the window, thinking about my soulmates. Their New Years probably hadn't been the best. We had all looked forward to celebrating the coming of a new year with each other, and then I disappeared. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a speeding car. I barely even saw the red blur as it passed by us, the sound following a little behind.
"Oh dear"
I heard Miss Rex say.
"That can't be totally legal"
And with those words, an explosion suddenly went off somewhere in front of us. Our driver drove into the outer lane, as the truck in front of us stopped abruptly. Shortly after we passed by a red and white car that was in flames. It appeared that the red had driven into the white, in an attempt to stop traffic. This wasn't good. I got a glimpse of a person crawling out of the red car. How were they still alive? Before I could question it further, the person, who was a young woman, was next to the car at super speed.
"What the-"
I heard agent Thomason mumble, as he hit the speeder, driving away from the person.
"Did you see that?"
Miss Rex asked.
"What? Just keep calm, we'll figure this out"
Out driver said.
"No, that girl. She was a multimarked"
I looked back, but only saw the trucks getting further behind us. The woman was nowhere in sight.
"Are you sure?"
I asked.
"I'm sure of what I saw. A mark with bright red, yellow and orange colours on her hand, and a green and blue on her neck"
"You sure it wasn't just tattoos, or your vision playing with you?"
I'm pretty sure I felt more offended by what Thomason said, than Annabelle did. One of her multimark abilities was enchanted vision. She could catch things moving by very quickly, and the woman had been right next to the car, so I took her word.
"Even if she was a multimarked, how are her abilities so powerful?"
Thomason said. I wanted to say something, but didn't know what. This woman was clearly working for someone who wanted the Six Souls holder. Before I found any words, a boulder suddenly hit the road behind us. We drove fast. I saw a few more rocks and boulders fly by, non hitting the road or other cars, but coming dangerously close to. We took a turn at a city named 'Angels Camp' now following road 4. I could hear speeding cars behind us drive past where we turned which was a little relieving, but then Annabelle said something that worried me even more.
"This time I'm not so sure, but I think there are dark figures following us"
We drove too fast to really see anything, but I still prepared for the worst. If there were dark figures, I had to be extra alert.

We had just exited another city, when a barricade appeared further ahead. There were five people standing in front of it, one of them did something with their hands and a rock came flying from the forest.  Thomason dodged it by quickly turning the car, but that also sent us spinning out of control and into the ditch. I quickly came to my senses, and unbuckled my seatbelt. The car was still standing upwards, and it seemed that no one had gotten hurt.
"Stay in the car. Don't move. We got this"
I said to Miss Rex, as agent Thomason also got out. He pointed a gun at the people from the barricade. They were getting closer, but a black smokey shadow was snaking its way in the ground.
"Give us the Six Souls holder, and no one will be hurt"
A boy with long, blond hair said. He looked,, young? Definitely a teenager, who had spent too much time at the solarium.
"Come closer and I will shoot"
Thomason said. It didn't seem like he had noticed the shadow creeping closer. Then it suddenly shot out, and I tried to use wind to push it away, but vines suddenly wrapped around my arms and ankles, preventing me from fully controlling the wind. The smoke creature stopped right in front of agent Thomason. He seemed stunned, or maybe locked in place, just pointing his gun at the creature. It seemed to study him. Then it took the gun out of Thomason's hands and shot him. No hesitation. I watched in horror as his body fell into the growing puddle of blood. The smoke creature pointed at the blond boy, who appeared to be the leader, and then at agent Thomason. The boy nodded and walked towards him with two African Americans.
I yelled and broke out of the vine grip. Finally I could get control of my body again. I used telekinesis to fling the leader and his two followers back, and then wind to blow the smoke creature into nothing. It didn't seem to reappear.
"You won't have use for him"
The girl who threw a rock at us said.
"That gives you no right to take him!"
"Our boss will know what to do with his kind"
I yelled and used fire to burn off a vine attack from her. The other teens ran towards us, and the fifth member, a boy, summoned a ball of electricity. He threw it at me, but I blocked it with the same rock that had been thrown at us.
"He doesn't have much time! If we don't take him to the boss, his soul will suffer in eternity"
The ringleader said.
"What do you mean?"
I said, ready to use telekinesis on all of them if they walked closer.
"His life was taken before he met his soulmate. If we don't take him to our boss, his soul and soulmates soul will suffer"
Before I could throw the flock of kids to the moon, my attention was caught by what was happening behind me.
A smoke creature was approaching the car, while it seemed like Annabelle was fending it off with small flames.

I wanted to just explode. There were so many emotions going through me.
So many responsibilities that I hadn't been prepared for. Why was I even here?

To protect Annabelle Rex. It sounded like my mother's voice.

I took one last glance at Thomason. Then I acted.

I ran over to the car with super speed, and created a very strong wind. It blew away the smoke and many other loosely laying things. I noticed many black figures in the shadows, but they kept getting blown away by my wind. The teenagers took Thomason's body. I knew I couldn't leave Annabelle, so I jumped into the car, started it and began to drive towards them. I didn't care if I ran one of them down. Not right now. They were clearly insane, claiming that you can kill a person before they meet their soulmate, and that whoever they worked for could help. But before I got over to them, one of the kids did something, and when I would have hit them, I just drove right through fading images of them. The same with the barricade. We just went right through it. One of them had an illusion ability and the other a teleportation one. Stupid brats! Stupid smoke creatures! I just kept driving. Annabelle was in the backseat. She didn't say anything, but just kept looking worried out the window.

My parents always used to say that the first twelve days of a new year would predict how the rest of your year would be like. Looking at my first day, this year is going to be one hell of a ride.


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